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OSA holdings, Part IV

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HU OSA 300 Records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute (RFE/RL RI), 1949-1994

HU OSA 300-80 Soviet Red Archives, 1953-1994

HU OSA 300-80-1 Old Code Subject Files, 1953-1994
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HU OSA 300-80-1:58

Useful political fall-out, New York Times by Flora Lewis; 1986-6-29 PDF 2 pages
Ratio of radioactive Caesium unexpectedly high, Parrott; 1986-6-29 PDF 4 pages
Huge plant near city, Special; 1986-6-27 PDF 2 pages
Nuclear power: Now an east bloc debate, Special; 1986-6-27 JPG page
Sweden launches food survey to measure radiation, Reuters; 1986-6-25 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl figures in debate on information, Special / ENDRST; 1986-6-25 JPG 1 page
New cemetery site outside Moscow for Chernobyl victims, Reuters; 1986-6-24 JPG 1 page
Scientists report on Chernobyl radioactive fallout, Chicago Tribune by Casey Burko; 1986-6-23 PDF 2 pages
Soviet press to rise to the Chernobyl challenge, Special; 1986-6-18 PDF 2 pages
Norweigans remain on alert after Chernobyl, CND by Tony Samtag; 1986-6-18 JPG 1 page
US doctor says Chernobyl victims "living dead", AP; 1986-6-16 JPG 1 page
Radiation threatens 20,000 swedish lakes, says scientists, Reuters; 1986-6-17 JPG 1 page
There is a silent enemy lurking, CND; 1986-6-23 JPG 1 page
After radioactive rain, fearful swedes wonders what the future holds, CND by Steve Twomey; 1986-6-11 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl as a paradigm of a faustian bargain, CND by Thomas Powers; 1986-6-16 PDF 3 pages
Chernobyl still casts its shadow on Eastern Europe, Los Angeles Times by Robert Gillette; 1986-6-15 PDF 3 pages
Chernobyl children describe life, AP by Alison Smale; 1986-6-14 PDF 2 pages
Agencies on Soviet decontaminating entire town, UPI by Anna Christensen; 1986-6-14 PDF 2 pages
International Atomic Energy Agency focuses on Chernobyl; 1986-6-13 JPG 1 page
Travel restrictions to Ukraine, AP; 1986-6-13 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl victims compared to those at Hiroshima, Reuters by Michael Conlon; 1986-6-12 JPG 1 page
A good disaster for truth, The Times; 1986-6-12 JPG 1 page
Russia looks at fallout compensation, The Times by Roger Boyes; 1986-6-11 JPG 1 page
Jitters on the ’Front Line’, Newsweek by Steven Strasser; 1986-6-16 JPG 1 page
Kiev, its playgrounds vacant, scrubs on, Washington Post by Celestine Bohlen; 1986-6-9 PDF 3 pages
Chernobyl reduces nuclear power to status of necessary evil, Reuters; 1986-6-9 PDF 2 pages
Kiev - A city without children, The Times by Chritopher Walker; 1986-6-9 JPG 1 page
Gaps in nuclear safety, Chicago Tribune by John N. Maclean; 1986-6-8 PDF 4 pages
Soviet officials sign agreement to monitor victims, Washington Post by Gary Lee; 1986-6-7 PDF 2 pages
Health officials rule out game on Kiev beaches, Reuters; 1986-6-7 JPG 1 page
Russians may set up bone marrow transplant clinic, Reuters by Kathleen Callo; 1986-6-4 JPG 1 page

HU OSA 300-80-1:59

Report on radioactive contamination in Chernobyl area, Pravda by Yu. Israel; 1989-3-20 PDF 5 pages
Radiation biologist on deformed animals in Ukraine by Stuart Parrot; 1989-2-17 JPG 1 page
Ecology: Danger zones: Open up your maps (translation from Russian), Komsomolskaya Pravda by O. Yegorova; 1989-2-14 PDF 3 pages
Chernobyl aftermath: evacuation of five villages urged, TASS; 1989-3-4 JPG 1 page
Hijackers trial, TASS by Nikita Demidov; 1989-3-4 JPG 1 page
Authorities recommend evacuating five more Ukrainian villages, REUTER; 1989-3-4 JPG 1 page
Living in Chernobyl’s shadow, they demand the tuth, Knight-Ridder newspapers by Steve Goldstein; 1989-2-26 PDF 3 pages
Chernobyl won’t go away, Foreign Report (confidential); 1989-2-23 PDF 2 pages
New fallout from Chernobyl, Los Angeles Times by James E. Oberg PDF 2 pages
On a recent visit to Kiev, David Marples, Los Angeles Times by Jack Miles JPG 1 page
Radioactive grain used in alcohol distillation PDF 2 pages
The global impact of the Chernobyl accident., Science by Lynn R. Anspaugh, Robert J. Catlin, Marvin Goldman; 1988-12-16 PDF 7 pages
Chernobyl: documentary novel. Book two., Yunost by Yuri Sherbak; 1988-11-15 PDF 20 pages
Chernobyl death toll passes 250 (transliation from Russian), Moscow News by Andrey Pokrovskiy; 1989-11-13 JPG 1 page
Zhitomir residents express concern over radioactive fallout, Report on the USSR by David Marples; 1990-1-26 PDF 4 pages
Narodichi and "The Big Lie" about the effects of Chernobyl’, Report on the USSR by David Marples; 1990-1-19 PDF 4 pages
National affairs, FBIS-SOV-90-007; 1990-1-10 PDF 2 pages
Bulgarian authorities accused over Chernobyl radiation, Radio Sofia; 1990-1-26 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl and nuclear power in the USSR, MacMillan Press by David R. Marples; 1986 PDF 42 pages
Belorussian Chernobyl cleanup criticized (translation from Russian), Kommunist Belorussii by V. Samoylov; 1989-12-12 PDF 7 pages
USSR this week (Chernobyl’s victims from Latvia); 1990-7-16 PDF 2 pages
Power without responsibility (translation from Russian), Argumenty i Fakty; 1990 PDF 2 pages
The catastrophe and after, The New York review by David Holloway PDF 3 pages
The third anniversary of Chernobyl, Soviet Press; 1989-4-26 PDF 2 pages
The global impact of the Chernobyl accident. by Lynn R. Anspaugh, Robert J. Catlin, Marvin Goldman; 1988-12-16 PDF 7 pages
Chernobyl prober complains about lack of cooperation; 1990-7-25 JPG 1 page
2030 intro Soviet strikes; 1990-7-24 JPG 1 page
Soviets live, work, play in Kiev’s radioactive areas, Washington Times by David W. Jones; 1990-7-25 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl: an accident waiting to happen, Book World by Josef S. Nye Jr.; 1990-7-8 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl children spending holidays abroad, NCA/REX Heathcote; 1990-7-20 PDF 2 pages
National affairs; 1990-7-9 PDF 2 pages
National affairs; 1989-8-2 PDF 4 pages
The USSR (Chernobyl day announced), SWB; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
UN- Byelorussia creates sanctuary in Chernobyl-affected areas, UN press release; 1989-9-21 JPG 1 page
National affairs; 1989-7-13 PDF 4 pages
World news - overview; 1989-9-25 JPG 1 page
Radioactivity in Ukraine’s Zhitomir Oblast Noted (translation from Russian), Trud by S. Prokopchuk; 1989-8-15 PDF 6 pages
The USSR (news overview); 1989-9-19 JPG 1 page
USSR - Landship was factor in Chernobyl blast, expert says, The London Times by Nick Nuttall; 1989-9-27 JPG 1 page
Shprtcomings in Chernobyl - contaminated areas criticized, TASS; 1989-9-28 JPG 1 page
Thousands to march through Minsk in Chernobyl protest, REUTER; 1989-9-28 JPG 1 page
Ivashko for reform, against national confrontation, CMD; 1989-9-28 JPG 1 page
Nature preserve to be set up in Chernobyl contamination area, TASS; 1989-8-14 JPG 1 page
Sharp reduction in life expectancy and 100% illness in Chukotka, TASS; 1989-8-26 PDF 2 pages
Soviet reports (translation from Russian), TASS in English; 1989-8-2 PDF 2 pages
Soviet reports (translation from Russian), TASS in English; 1989-8-8 PDF 2 pages
Take 1 of 3 -- radioactive elements in Zhitomir oblast, Moscow Trud in Russian by S. Prokopchuk; 1989-8-2 PDF 6 pages
Soviet journalist: Chernobyl area unlivable for 1,000 years (German), DPA, Stockholm; 1989-8-13 JPG 1 page
TASS says, Russians must be evacuated from near Chernobyl, TASS; 1989-8-8 JPG 1 page
Three nuclear submarines lost in 25 years, admiral says, REUTER; 1989-7-28 JPG 1 page
The USSR this week; 1989-7-23 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (more on evacuations); 1989-7-29 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (more details, Ukraine); 1989-7-29 JPG 1 page
11,000 more to be moved from areas hit by Chernobyl radiation, REUTER; 1989-7-28 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (11,000 people to be moved), TASS, Moscow; 1989-7-29 JPG 1 page
Soviets daily says Chernobyl must be closed down, TASS in English; 1989-7-23 JPG 1 page
Byelorussian groups make aid appeal Chernobyl victims, TASS in English; 1989-7-28 JPG 1 page
Kasparov says money he gave to Chernobyl fund never arrived, AFP; 1989-7-28 JPG 1 page
USSR -- People nera Chernobyl demand "right to a normal life", AFP; 1989-7-30 JPG 1 page
Letter from 600 people expresses fears over radiation, CMD; 1989-7-31 JPG 1 page
Zur Not wird saubere Milch untergemischt, Frankfurter Rundschau by Elfie Siegl; 1989-7-20 JPG 1 page
The USSR this week; 1989-7-23 JPG 1 page
The Center for radiation medicine: monitoring victims or concealing facts, Report on the USSR by David Marples; 1989-7-21 PDF 4 pages
Chernobyl: a personal look at the trirty-kilometer zone, Report on the USSR by David Marples; 1989-7-21 PDF 4 pages
New tests from Chernobyl could lead to evacuation of 100,000, New York Times; 1989-7-31 PDF 2 pages
Remembering Chernobyl, Nuclear Secrecy by Yuri Sherbak, Svyatoslav Dudko; 1987-4-25 PDF 3 pages
New tests from Chernobyl could lead to evacuation of 100,000, New York Times by Francis X. Clines; 1989-7-31 PDF 2 pages
Situation around Chernobyl markedly improved, Moscow TASS in English; 1989-8-4 JPG 1 page
Nuclear power, ecology and the patriotic opposition in the Ukrainian SSR: an analysis of a post-Chernobyl trend, Soviet News by David Marples; 1989-1-10 PDF 8 pages
The CMEA’s future: the demise of the Soviet-centered model?, Radio Free Europe by Vlad Sobell; 1989-1-17 PDF 5 pages
A-WIRE (news overview), REUTER; 1988-9-28 JPG 1 page
No birth irrigularities in Chernobyl aftermath, report says, AP; 1988-9-21 JPG 1 page
Agreement reached on liability protocol, CND by Hamman; 1988-9-21 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl zone service benefits clarified (translation from Russian), Izvestiya by S. Taranov; 1988-8-4 JPG 1 page
2030 Intro nuclear (communications); 1988-9-20 JPG 1 page
Atomic agency develops high-speed accident warning system, REUTER; 1988-9-20 JPG 1 page
1830 Intro nuclear (Protsenko); 1988-9-19 JPG 1 page
Scientists study Chernobyl lynk in Leukaemia outbreak, CND by Jill Sherman; 1988-9-9 JPG 1 page
Soviet scientist quoted on future Chernobyl toll JPG 1 page
Russian to check one million for effects of Chernobyl, The London Times by Pearce Wright; 1988-9-6 JPG 1 page
The USSR this week, Reuters, Tass in English; 1988-9-5 JPG 1 page
The USSR this week ( Soviet citizens undergo life-long radiation tests), Reuters, Tass in English; 1988-9-5 JPG 1 page
China, IAEA agree on inspection of nuclear plants, AP; 1988-9-19 PDF 2 pages
Workers at Chernobyl show signs of contamination, SBN 3-88 PDF 2 pages
Workers at Chernobyl show signs of contamination, SBN 3-88 PDF 2 pages
Lenin Library exhibits long-suppressed books (translation from Russian), Moscow TV; 1988-9-2 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl fallout still affects Leningrad area, Moscow TV; 1988-9-1 JPG 1 page
USSR -- Chernobyl will claim 2,000 more lives, Independent; 1988-9-6 JPG 1 page
Soviet citizens to undergo life-long radiation tests, CND/Reuters/DPA; 1988-9-5 JPG 1 page
Wie eine Stadt storbt, SZ by Peter Buchka; 1990-3-6 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (new today), NCA/Reuter; 1990-3-7 JPG 1 page
Bulgaria was unprepared for Chernobyl; People not told the truth, BTA in English; 1990-1-23 PDF 2 pages
Technological drawbacks in the Soviet Union, Swiss review of world affairs by Herbert Cerutti; 1989 PDF 5 pages
National affairs (Belorussia Chernobyl cleanup program published), Minsk Sovetskaya Belorussiya (in National Affairs, English); 1989-12-1 PDF 10 pages
Bulgarians not told the truth about Chernobyl, CMD; 1990-1-23 JPG 1 page
High radiation at village more than 100 kms from Chernobyl, NCA by Stuart Parrott; 1989-11-7 JPG 1 page
The impact of the Chernobyl’ accident on the long-term development of Soviet nuclear energy, Hudson Institute. Paper. by John E. Tedstrom; 1987-4-28 PDF 35 pages
A dosimeter for every dacha, NCA/Bulletin of the atomic scientists, USA by Gabriel Schoenfeld; 1989-6-3 PDF 3 pages
Radioactive mushrooms, Foreign report; 1989-6-22 JPG 1 page
Beyond the limits. The bill for Chernobyl., Moscow News weekly by Andrey Pralnikov; 1989 JPG 1 page
Seeding of Moscow-bound Chernobyl cloud denied., Moscow Komsomolskaya Pravda in Russian by Yu. A. Israel; 1989-6-3 JPG 1 page
Inside Chernobyl today, Christian Science Monitor by Rushworth M. Kidder; 1989-4-20 PDF 4 pages
Soviet Disaster Team: Ready, Christian Science Monitor by Rushworth M. Kidder; 1989-4-27 PDF 2 pages
Damaged reactor at Chernobyl allegedly still leaking, DPA; 1990-7-26 JPG 1 page
Betohuelle um Reaktor undicht, SZ by Christoph von Marschall; 1990-7-26 JPG 1 page
Byelorussia to give more aid to Chernobyl victims, CMD; 1990-7-19 JPG 1 page
Officials in Chernobyl aftermath to be investigated, SWB; 1990-6-25 JPG 1 page
Soviet construction worker fires protest shots at party office, Reuter; 1990-7-16 JPG 1 page
The USSR (news review), SWB; 1990-6-19 JPG 1 page
Belorussia says republic a "disaster area" due to Chernobyl, NCA/DPA/AP; 1990-7-11 JPG 1 page
USSR - strike called in Gomel tomorrow, CMD; 1990-6-10 JPG 1 page
Daily report (Chernobyl victims from Latvia), RFE/RL; 1990-7-17 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl, summer 1990, RLPRD by David Marples; 1990-6-15 PDF 4 pages
Belorussia and Russia (translation from Russian), Pravda by David Marples; 1990-6-15 PDF 4 pages
Belorussia asks defense ministry to set up medical units, CMD; 1990-7-8 PDF 2 pages
Intro supsovs (new: combines Ukraine, Byelorussia), CNO122; 1990-5-15 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl nuclear plant victims arrive in Cuba for treatment, NCA/AP; 1990-7-9 JPG 1 page
Party to give 500 million rubles to Chernobyl children; 1990-7-16 JPG 1 page
Kremlin demonstration to press demands about Chernobyl, CMD; 1990-7-7 JPG 1 page
Reportage on aftermath of Chernobyl disaster (translation from Russian), Izvestia by N. Matukovskiy; 1990-3-29 PDF 8 pages
The USSR this week; 1990-3-2 PDF 2 pages
Belorussian official on Chernobyl clean-up programme; 1990-4-30 PDF 2 pages
Ecosoc in appeal for cooperation, aid to Chernobyl victims, NCA by Jeff Endrst; 1990-7-14 PDF 2 pages
Byelorussia - ecological disaster zone, TASS in English by Alexander Kryzhanovsky; 1990-7-12 JPG 1 page
Biography of Boris Pugo, TASS in English; 1990-7-12 JPG 1 page
TASS donates 60,000 rubles to Chernobyl fund, CMD; 1990-4-28 JPG 1 page
U.N. in guarded response to Soviet appeal on Chernobyl, NCA by Jeff Endrst; 1990-5-12 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl study aimed at least restoring public’s trust, NCA; 1990-5-10 JPG 1 page
IAEA is sending a team to the USSR, NCA by Stuart Parrott; 1990-5-9 JPG 1 page
Ukrainian asks Western help for children of Chernobyl, NCA by Patricia Howard; 1990-5-3 JPG 1 page
Intro nuclear (Chernobyl/Doctor), NCA/Radio Kiev; 1990-5-3 JPG 1 page
Ukrainians seek direct help for children of Chernobyl, NCA by Patricia Howard; 1990-5-3 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (A soviet parliamentary delegation says), NCA/AP/TASS; 1990-4-28 JPG 1 page
The truth about Chernobyl, The Sunday Times by Walter Ellis, Vera Rich, James Blitz; 1990-4-29 PDF 4 pages
Serious contamination in another Ukrainian region, CMD; 1990-5-3 PDF 2 pages
IAEA to mount major survey of health effects of Chernobyl, NCA by Stuart Parrott; 1990-5-9 PDF 2 pages
Leningrad paves way for Russian CP, CMD; 1990-4-28 JPG 1 page
Academician on Chernobyl radiation hazards, CMD; 1990-4-28 JPG 1 page
Soviets say Chernobyl disaster much worse than admitted, New York Times by Felicity Barringer; 1990-4-28 PDF 2 pages
Health official says Chernobyl accident hit Western Russia, TASS; 1990-5-11 PDF 2 pages
More illness in Poland after Chernobyl (German), DPA; 1990-4-29 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl effects in western Russia outlined, NCA/CMD; 1990-5-11 JPG 1 page
We want to tell the truth, New Times by Anatoly Kovrigin JPG 1 page
Chernobyl anniversary fallout; 1990-4-27 JPG 1 page
IAEA team to investigate Chernobyl; 1990-5-9 JPG 1 page
Government proposes new program for Chernobyl assistance; 1990-4-23 JPG 1 page
Fourth anniversary of Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
U.N. agency defers Soviet request on Chernobyl, NCA by Jeff Endrst; 1990-5-21 JPG 1 page
Three million more may flee Chernobyl, The Guardian by Paul Brown; 1990-5-21 JPG 1 page
Resaercher claims to discover Chernobyl radiation at South Pole, AP; 1990-5-19 JPG 1 page
Ukraine officials receive relief donations for Chernobyl, NCA by Jeff Endrst; 1990-5-18 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (new: tencions), CMD/TASS; 1990-7-4 JPG 1 page
International experts to assess Chernobyl fallout, CMD/TASS; 1990-7-4 JPG 1 page
Swiss technology to be used at Chernobyl, Izvestia by Yu. Kosinskiy; 1990-5-5 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl: the long shadow, Routledge London and New York by Chris C. Park; 1989 PDF 2 pages
Refugees in the Soviet Union by Jeri Label; 1990-6-25 PDF 2 pages
Fear after Chernobyl (German), Die Zeit by Harald Braeutigam; 1990-6-22 PDF 3 pages
Belorussian report on Chernobyl aftermath, NCA; 1990-6-24 JPG 1 page
A second coffin for Chernobyl (German), Die Tageszeitung by Walter Oswalt; 1990-6-20 JPG 1 page
Train carries Chernobyl victims to holiday in CSFR, CMD; 1990-7-2 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl children arrive in Cuba, NCA/REUTER; 1990-7-3 JPG 1 page
Jailed Chernobyl director says he’s a scapegoat; 1990-6-20 JPG 1 page
More appeals for international help for Chernobyl; 1990-6-20 JPG 1 page
Intro Chernobyl (new today); 1990-6-19 JPG 1 page
Byelorussia asks for international help for Chernobyl victims, AP; 1990-6-19 JPG 1 page
IAEA office in Byelorussia will help Chernobyl study, NCA by Stuart Parrott; 1990-6-19 JPG 1 page
Lithuania offers recreation to Chernobyl victims, CMD; 1990-6-11 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl congress opens first congress, CMD; 1990-6-15 JPG 1 page
Summer in Chernobyl (German), FAZ by Brigitte Schulze; 1990-6-8 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl: the long shadow, Routledge London and New York by Chris C. Park PDF 4 pages
Aid to Chernobyl disaster victims arrives, TASS in English by Valentina Menshikova; 1990-5-25 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl reactor lacked proper safety systems, says Medvedev, NCA by Stuart Parrott; 1990-6-6 PDF 2 pages
Commission established to close Chernobyl, NCA by D J Peterson; 1990-6-5 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl union to open first congress tomorrow, TASS in Russian; 1990-6-14 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl children to vacation in western europe, KF/KS/MM; 1990-6-12 JPG 1 page
Conference looks at transition to democracy in Eastern Europe, NCA by Walter Wisniewski; 1990-6-1 JPG 1 page
Soviet summit coverage reflects turmoil at home, Reuters by TA; 1990-6-2 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl plant may be closed down for good, AFP; 1990-6-2 JPG 1 page
Commission set up on shutting down Chernobyl, CMD by SF/TA; 1990-6-2 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl union opens first congress, NCA by KS/RL; 1990-6-15 JPG 1 page
East-West Conference in Warsaw ends today, NCA by Wisniewski; 1990-6-2 JPG 1 page
The children of Chernobyl, Neue Zuercher Zeitung; 1990-6-1 JPG 1 page
Government working on plan to close down Chernobyl, DPA; 1990-6-1 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl station to continue working; 1990-5-12 JPG 1 page
Daily protests outside Belorussian supreme soviet, CMD/UK-BD; 1990-5-31 JPG 1 page
RSFSR Congress approves resolution on Chernobyl, TASS in English; 1990-5-29 JPG 1 page
A Chernobyl view: Blind arrogance, International Herald Tribune by Barry James; 1990-4-27 JPG 1 page
Dead and dying are remembered at service, The London Times by Robert Seely; 1990-6-24 JPG 1 page
Media laments nuclear disaster, The London Times by Mary Dejevsky; 1990-4-27 JPG 1 page
Rallies, strike mark 4th annivaersary of Chernobyl accident, PTO; 1990-4-24 PDF 2 pages
0315 Intro Chernobyl, NCA/AP/AFP; 1990-4-27 JPG 1 page
Always Chernobyl, Le Mondes’s Editorial; 1990-4-24 JPG 1 page
1445 Intro Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
1830 Intro Chernobyl, NCA/AGENCIES/TASS-Russian/Cr; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl activities in Gomel, Lvov; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Hospitals proposes prosecution of officials over Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
1st add 1830 Intro Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl marked with protests, strike, telethon, AP; 1990-4-26 PDF 2 pages
AP early evening from Moscow on Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 PDF 2 pages
Byelorussians still suffering effects of Chernobyl, Washington Post; 1990-4-27 PDF 3 pages
Millions threatened as fall-out from Chernobyl spreads, ?? by William Millinship; 1990-4-22 JPG 1 page
Besuch aus Tschernobyl, Neue Zurcher Zietung; 1990-4-10 PDF 2 pages
Changes in Belorussian leadership by Kathy Mihalisko; 1990-4-10 PDF 2 pages
The effects of Chernobyl "graver than belived initially"; 1990-3-13 JPG 1 page
More medical centres set up to treat Chernobyl casualties, National Affairs; 1990-3-16 JPG 1 page
Party dues donated to Chernobyl victims, National Affairs; 1990-3-9 PDF 2 pages
Note to editors; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
Soviets still don’t know just how bad Chernobyl was, Cox Newspaper by T. Elaine Carey; 1990-4-26 PDF 2 pages
Die kinder von Tschernobyl, Frankfurter Rundschau; 1990-4-25 PDF 2 pages
Reuter on Chernobyl, Reuters; 1990-4-25 PDF 2 pages
1200 Intro Chernobyl; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
Trans-atlantic marrow transplant to save Chernobyl pilot, AFP; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
Ukrainian doctor comments on Chernobyl, MR; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl effects still felt in Sweden, EC; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Ryzhkov wants foregin help in Chernobyl cleanup, CMD/TASS; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Protests at CS plant, NCA/Reuter; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
Die zone der Luge um Tschernobyl, Tagesthema; 1990-4-26 PDF 2 pages
0115 Intro Chernobyl, NCA/AGENCIES; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
More evacutaions ordered four years after Chernobyl diasaster, AP; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
1830 Intro Chernobyl (New: Program adopted), CMD/TASS RUSSIAN/CR/REUTER; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
1200 Intro Chernobyl, CMD/TASS IN RUSSIAN/CR; 1990-4-25 JPG 1 page
Mass resettlement of Chernobyl victims planned, Independent by Helen Womack; 1990-4-26 PDF 2 pages
20 million roubles donated for Chernobyl victims, TASS in English; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
A political and economic meltdown, The Fanancial Times by Zhores Medvdev; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
0915 Intro Chernobyl; 1990-4-26 JPG 1 page
1230 Intro Chernobyl, CMD/REUTER; 1990-4-22 JPG 1 page
Soviet government proposes emergency Chernobyl measures; 1990-4-22 JPG 1 page
Thousands still livining in contaminated areas, Moscow admits, Washington Post by Michael Parks; 1990-4-23 PDF 2 pages
Waste, coverup, healt problems fouor years after accident by Andrew Katell; 1990-4-23 PDF 2 pages
Four years after Chernobyl: Thousands still living a nuclear nightmare by Andrew Katell; 1990-4-23 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl at a glance, AP; 1990-4-23 JPG 1 page
Mass protests in Ukrine / Government proposes new program for C; 1990-4-23 PDF 2 pages
Tens of thousands turn Chernobyl march in Ukrain protest; 1990-4-22 JPG 1 page
Thousands turn Chernobyl march into Ukranian protest, NCA/REUTER/AFP; 1990-4-22 JPG 1 page
Ryzhkov chairs presidium session of Chernobyl meas, Russian Television; 1990-4-21 JPG 1 page
A retrospective of a nuclear accident by David Marples; 1990-4-20 PDF 6 pages
Four years after Chernobyl; 1990-4-24 PDF 2 pages
Fourtenn thousand to be evacuated from Chernobyl area, Reuters; 1990-4-23 JPG 1 page
1945 Intro Chernobyl, CMD/REUTER/AFP; 1990-4-23 JPG 1 page
New Chernobyl hits the screens, TASS in English by Larisa Kisileva / Lyudmila Korobchak; 1990-4-23 JPG 1 page
Fur die Kinder ist est noch viel scherer, Stuttgarter Zeitung; 1990-4-24 JPG 1 page
Soviet doktor: Chernobyl death toll is 237 and rising, AFP; 1990-4-24 JPG 1 page
Ukranian journalists criticiezes Moscow over Chernobyl, NCA/LAMBETH/; 1990-4-11 JPG 1 page
Belorussian extends Chernobyl relief allowance, Social And Cultural issues; 1990-3-14 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl pilot receive bone-marrow transplant; 1990-4-13 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl clean-up operators protest at lack of health care; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
More on Chernobyl pilot in US for treatment; 1990-4-13 JPG 1 page
Soviet parliament committees discuss Chernobyl, TASS in English; 1990-4-13 JPG 1 page
Karpov comments on Chernobyl Telethon, NCA/REUTERS/ENDRST; 1990-4-12 JPG 1 page
Soviet deputies slam government program on Chernobyl, CMD; 1990-4-12 JPG 1 page
The shadow Chernobyl above Europe?, Novosti Correspondent by Igor Zaseda; 1990-4-16 JPG 1 page
Belorussian asks UNICEF’s help for Chernobyl victims, TASS in English; 1990-4-18 JPG 1 page
USSR public prosecutor office discusses Chernobyl, TASS in Russian; 1990-4-16 JPG 1 page
Another accident at Chernobyl reported by Bohdan Nahaylo / Paul Goble; 1990-4-19 JPG 1 page
Soviet nuclear expert says nuclear accidents now ruled out, TASS in English; 1990-4-19 JPG 1 page
Better pay for soldiers at Chernobyl urged, National Affairs by Krasnaya Zvezda; 1990-3-31 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl cleanup workers as better health care, Regional Affairs by Izvestiya; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Ecologist reports rising incidence of Leukemia, National Affairs; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Swiss to build Chernobyl decontamination plant, International Affairs; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Major deficiencies in Chernobyl clean-up investigate; 1990-4-14 JPG 1 page
New problems at Chernobyl plant cause panic, protests / Soviet expert rules out future Chernobyl Accidents, RFE/RL Daily Report no. 77; 1990-4-20 PDF 2 pages
Environmental Affairs, Environmental Affairs; 1990-4-27 PDF 6 pages
Chernobyl victims on hunger strike, TASS in English; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl victims stage huger strike for social benefits, AFP; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Radio says Ukrine districts to be evacutated early, CMD; 1990-4-2 JPG 1 page
Swiss firm to build Chernobyl decontamination plant, CMD; 1990-3-30 JPG 1 page
Polish radiation shows Cesium increase in milk, NCA; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
Soviet scientists spell out the terrible legacy of Chernobyl, The Financial Times by Jennifer Monahan; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
Soviets planning telecast to aid Chernobyl victims, NCA/ENDRST; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
Polish radiation shows Cesium increase in milk, NCA; 1990-4-5 JPG 1 page
2315 Intro Chernobyl, CMD/TASS IN RUSSIAN/CR; 1990-4-5 JPG 1 page
2115 Intro Chernobyl, NCA/AFP/REUTER/AP; 1990-4-5 JPG 1 page
Ukranian supreme soviet wants action plan on Chernobtl, TASS in Russian; 1990-2-17 JPG 1 page
Ukrain legislators call for Chernobyl plant closure, AP; 1990-2-17 JPG 1 page
Rumours of problem in Chernobyl AES "Sarocophagus" denied/ Press conference on situation at Cherniobyl AES; 1990-2-2 PDF 3 pages
New guidelines to cover Chernobyl victims treatment, Moscow Pravda; 1990-2-9 JPG 1 page
Rumours of cracks in Chernobyl AES denied, National Affairs; 1990-1-24 PDF 2 pages
National Affairs; 1989-12-13 PDF 4 pages
Tschernobyl in "atomfreier Zone"?, Die Tageszeitung; 1990-2-3 JPG 1 page
Survery reveals Novosibirisk radiation sources, National Affairs; 1990-1-12 PDF 2 pages
Medical aspects of Chernobyl disaster, TASS in English; 1990-2-2 JPG 1 page
Soviets to phase out Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Washington Post by David Remnick; 1990-3-4 PDF 2 pages
0515 Intro Chernobyl, NCA; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
Chernobyl nuclear plant to be phased out; 1990-3-3 PDF 2 pages
Belorussians consider Tarazevich a "Chernobyl" criminal, TASS by Kathy Mihalisko; 1990-2-23 JPG 1 page
Belorussia appeals for world help to overcome Chernobyl by Kathy Mihalisko; 1990-2-23 JPG 1 page
Belorussia again appeals for world help over Chernobyl, TASS in Russian; 1990-2-22 JPG 1 page
More than half-million turned out to reform, AFP; 1990-2-26 JPG 1 page
Soviet Byelorussian envoy appeals for Chernobyl aid, AP; 1990-2-28 JPG 1 page
Two new films about Chernobyl premiered in Moscow, TASS in English; 1990-2-27 JPG 1 page
Byelorussia says post-Chernobyl clean-up depends on foreign aid, NCA; 1990-2-28 JPG 1 page
All - Union Chernobyl; Society Registered, The USSR this week JPG 1 page
Bryansk Oblast contamination improving, Moscow Pravitelstvennyy Vestnik in Russian by Ye Borisova; 1990-2-6 PDF 2 pages
Chernobyl news conference on power station failure, National Affairs by V. Zaykin; 1990-2-1 JPG 1 page
Mogilev declared a radiation disaster zone, NCA by Kathy Mihalisko; 1990-2-26 JPG 1 page
Belorussian region declared radiation diasaster zone, TASS in English; 1990-2-25 JPG 1 page
Farblose Traume, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Mathias Schreiber; 1990-2-22 JPG 1 page
Die Betrogenen von Tschernobyl wehren sich, Die Tageszeitung; 1990-2-20 JPG 1 page
Swedish radiation experts to study Chernobyl damage, AP/NCA; 1990-2-21 JPG 1 page
Uber Tschernobyl ein Hauch von Endzeit-Stimmung, Die Welt by Rowold von Manfred; 1990-2-21 PDF 2 pages
Sowjetischer Professor enthullt in der AZ: Tschernobyl heute - Alptraum ohne Ende, Abendzeitung by Von Michael Heinrich; 1990-2-20 JPG 1 page
Experts to visit soviet republic to study Chernobyl damage, Reuters; 1990-3-7 JPG 1 page
Ukraine proposes time has com to close Chernobyl, The Independent by Rupert Cornwell; 1990-3-6 JPG 1 page
Official wants aid for Chernobyl aftermath, NCA/AFP; 1990-3-6 JPG 1 page
The Scientist; 1990-1-22 JPG 1 page
Radiophobia continues to spread by Paul Goble; 1990-2-20 JPG 1 page
Ukraine’s supreme soviet debates environment, TASS in Russian; 1990-2-16 JPG 1 page
All - Union Chernobyl Society registered; 1990-2-16 JPG 1 page
Multiple articles from multiple sources; 1990-2-19 JPG 1 page
Kiev demands closing of Chernobyl by Kathy Mihalisko; 1990-2-19 JPG 1 page
Contaminated Ukrainian villages evacuated, Rabochaya Tribuna by D. Georgiyev; 1990-1-11 PDF 2 pages
Areas of Nothern Ukrain to be evacuated, Report on the USSR by David Marples; 1990-2-9 PDF 3 pages
Soviet plane to deliver medicines for Chernobyl victims, NCA/Zwadiuk; 1990-2-6 JPG 1 page
Soviet plane to deliver medicines for Chernobyl victims, NCA/ Oleh Zwadiuk; 1990-2-7 JPG 1 page
Shipment of medical equipment to Soviet Byelorussia; 1990-2-7 JPG 1 page
Firm donates drugs for Chernobyl child victims, NCA/AP; 1990-2-9 JPG 1 page
Radiation phobia still running rampant, TASS in English; 1990-4-4 JPG 1 page
1815 Intro Chernobyl; 1990-2-2 JPG 1 page
Investigation ordered against officials over Chernobyl, CMD; 1990-2-2 JPG 1 page
Regiment withdrawn from Chernobyl because of health hazards, CMD; 1990-2-2 PDF 2 pages
Scientific association to eliminate Chernobyl consequences; 1990-1-19 PDF 2 pages
Sentenced Chernobyl AES director Bryukhanov interviewed; 1990-11-17 PDF 4 pages

HU OSA 300-80-2 New Code Subject Files, 1954-1994

The series consists mostly of articles and news releases from the newspapers and magazines in the Russian, English, German and Ukrainian languages on the various topics concerning nuclear safety and international nuclear security. In the light of the CherFalsebyl catastrophe aftermath, some of the materials discuss the possibilities for embracing a higher level security policy Falset only on the post-Soviet territory, but all over the world. As far as the post-CherFalsebyl USSR-USA cooperation is concerned, a number of materials tell about the humanitarian help provided to the areas, suffering from the results of the catastrophe even 5 years after it had occurred.

HU OSA 300-80-2:1

Ecology: Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear Power in the World, 1987 -- 1990 (2 folders)
Ecology: Nuclear Power Plants: Nuclear Power in the USSR: CherFalsebyl, 1991
Security Policy: Arms Control: Nuclear Risk Reduction Centers, 1987 -- 1990
Security Policy: Disarmament: Nuclear Weapons, 1991
Security Policy: Disarmament: Falsen-Nuclear Zones, 1981 - 1991

HU OSA 300-81 Monitoring Unit, 1979-1995

HU OSA 300-81-2 Subject Files Related to Ukraine, 1983-1994

The series consists of the periodicals’ articles mainly in the Ukrainian language. The materials concern a) different ecological issues and b) disarmament problems of Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

: [Nuclear Energy], 1992-1993 1 folder
: [Ecology], 1987-1989, 6 folders
" ": [Ecology and ’Green World’], 1989-1991, 4 folders
: [CherFalsebyl], 1990-1990, 2 folders
. . "-1", "-2", 1994-1994
[Nuclear weapons: Disarmament: START-1, START-2], 1 folder
. . : [Nuclear disarmament: Nuclear status of Ukraine], 1992-1993, 3 folders

HU OSA 300-120 Library: Western Press Archives, 1949-1994

Nuclear Energy: East European: Bulgaria, 1977 -- 1993
Nuclear Energy: East European: Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1977 -- 1993 (2 folders)
Nuclear Energy: East Europe: Hungary, 1979 -- 1993
Nuclear Energy: East Europe: Poland, 1977 -- 1993
Nuclear Energy: East Europe: Romania, 1977 -- 1992
Nuclear Energy: East Europe: Yugoslavia, 1974 -- 1992

HU OSA 205 Records of the Open Media Research Institute (OMRI), 1952-1997

HU OSA 205-4 Information Services Department, 1952-1997

HU OSA 205-4-20 Bulgarian Subject Files, 1951-1997

Ecology: Environmental Protection, 1993 -- 1996
Ecology: Environmental Pollution, 1992-1996, 4 folders
Ecology: Nuclear Power Plant, 1991-1996, 6 folders
Ecology: Nuclear Power Policy, 1994-1995, 2 folders

HU OSA 205-4-202 Subject Files Created by WPS [What Papers Say, Moscow News Agency], 1995-1997

The series is an elaborate monitoring of the Russian language press, and the scope of the issues covered is tremendously wide, which makes it difficult to describe. Generally, most of the topics deal with ecology in the light of nuclear contamination of the environment in Russia: rivets, seas, lakes, soil, forests, air and cities. High level of radioactivity leads to higher rates of leukemia, skin cancer and other related illnesses. The environment contamination, in its turn, leads to extinction of many animals and is also dangerous for the population of the country.

Ecology, 1995 --1996, 6 folders
Ecology and Nuclear Materials, 1996, 2 folders
Nuclear Materials, 1995 --1996, 3 folders

HU OSA 331 Interviews Relating to Chernobyl, 1996

Journalists Svetlana Alexievich and Tatiana LogiFalseva conducted 44 hours of video interviews entitled the ’Living Voices of CherFalsebyl’. Among the interviewees are local scientists, engineers, Communist Party officials, priests, politicians, mothers of children with leukemia, medical radiologists, immigrants, and others from the "zone." Of particular value are the interviews with Vasilii Nesterneko, former director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Belarus Academy of Sciences, who describes the impotence and hypocrisy of the Soviet authorities following the CherFalsebyl explosion. Also of Falsete are interviews with leading Belarus scientists about the dangers of CherFalsebyl and the strategies for confronting the various effects of the disaster. Doctors’ accounts are likewise informative. The interviews also document the nature of the decontamination work, peoples’ igFalserance about radiation, and daily life after the explosion when people remained uninformed about the events at CherFalsebyl.

1. IvaFalsev, Vladimir Matveevich, former First secretary of the Slavgorod regional committee of the Communist Party of the USSR: About the ambiguous impact of radiation on health; evacuation of people from the most affected areas as a major strategy of the authorities to combat the consequences of the CherFalsebyl catastrophe; burial grounds for contaminated materials and subjects; personal history; evaluation of CherFalsebyl-related decisions taken by the central Soviet and regional governments. Belarus/Russian language; 1996, 33 min

2. Studnik, Gennadii Vital’evich, editor of Mogilev TV: About the coverage of CherFalsebyl events in the Soviet media; journalists and authorities; censorship; CherFalsebyl and the dissolution of the USSR; CherFalsebyl as a topic in contemporary journalism.Belarus/Russian language; 1996, 21 min

3. Firsakova, Slava KonstantiFalsevna, director of the Gomel’ research institute of agricultural radioecology: About national sanitary standards; the safety of nuclear energy; the rehabilitation of natural resources in Belarus; major dangers of CherFalsebyl are in the past; about the evacuation program as an exaggeration; need to combat CherFalsebyl psychologically; criticism of ’alarmists’ scientists. Belarus/Russian language; 1996, 79 min

4. Nesterenko, Vasilii Borisovich, former director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, director of the Falsen-governmental institute of radiation safety:

About his vain attempts to persuade the top officials of the republic to undertake preventive measures and the reaction of the authorities; CherFalsebyl-related activities of the Institute 1986-1987; evaluation of the current governmental strategies for combating the consequences of CherFalsebyl; accumulation of strontium as a main danger for health; about the institution of radiation safety.

Belarus/Russian language; 1996, 128 min Highly informative participant observation.

5. Rychkov, Aleksandr, sociologist: About the CherFalsebyl catastrophe in the context of the dissolution of the USSR; inability of society and authorities react adequately to threatened catastrophe. Belarus/Russian language; 1996, 67 min

6. Tsukerman, Mikhail Arkad’evich, journalist: About immigration from Kyrgyzstan to a region of Belarus affected by radiation. Belarus/Russian language; 1995, 26 min