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The 1956 Reference Information Paper (RIP) was compiled by OSA staff for scholars, students and other researchers familiar with archival finding aids. Since it was first published in 1996 the original version of the 1956 RIP has already been updated once, but the latest version is a radically more comprehensive list of all OSA archival records dealing with the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and its aftermath. This thematic finding aid is intended as a guide for researchers, leading through the traditional archival structure of Fonds-Subfonds-Series and extending its coverage to folders and in many cases to items in different languages, with digital records attached. The hierarchical approach is an unquestionably useful tool for professional researchers who wish to know both the archival and organizational context of the records and files created in a given period. Although OSA will continue its efforts to provide this cross sectional information in ever user-friendlier ways, making more and more digitized documents available on-line, the structure of cross-references in our digital holdings will provide new ways of assessing and searching the collections
In the case of the 1956 RIP, a study written by Istv á n Rév, Director of OSA, gives an introduction to the subject by highlighting issues on the reception and interpretation of the Revolution, sometimes biased by current political needs. The catalog entries can be found under OSA Holdings divided into several sections. They indicate the exact fonds-sub fonds and series reference, provide a short description, and give the identification code, folder or item title, date span, language, and occasionally the medium of the records, and a PDF file attached with number of pages, if it is available.

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