Collections of the 1956 Digital Archive

Donald and Vera Blinken Collection - Hungarian Refugee Interviews from 1957 to 1958

More than 30,000 pages of several hundred in-depth interviews, together with 3,000 pages of subject files.


Zwack Collection

Special collection of newspaper clippings on 1956.


National Security Archive Collection - declassified intelligence documents on 1956

CIA daily briefings and weekly analyses, October-December 1956.


RFE/RL Collection - Media Coverage

Newspaper clippings and press releases relating to Refugee issues from 1956 to 1967.


RFE/RL Collection - Background Reports

Background Reports written on Hungary by the Research Institute of RFE/RL from 1954 to 1989.


RFE/RL Collection - Evaluation Information Items

Selected documents from the Evaluation Information. Items written by RFE field bureaus on Hungarian Refugee issues from 1952 to 1971.


1956 OSA Audiovisual Collection - 69 films and film excerpts

Documentaries, fiction and propaganda films, reports and newsreels.


Hoover Institution Archives - Audience Opinion Surveys by RFE/RL

From the Archives of the Hoover Institution.


OSA Reference Information Paper on 1956

A thematic guide prepared by archivists at OSA. //view//

The News Magazine of the Screen (Vol. 7, Issue 5, 1957)
Warner-Pathe News
The Flight from Hungary