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The holdings of the Open Society Archives include a number of files on Raoul Wallenberg. His name has regularly come up in the international press and other media from the end of the war, and, apparently, Radio Europe/ Radio Liberty monitored the development of the investigations into his fate and work, using the press clippings as background material for the broadcasts.

HU OSA 300 Records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute, 1949-1994
This fonds contains the material collected by the research institute set up by the radio stations Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (later merged into one station) and which served the radios with reference material for the production of their programs. The radios broadcast into the communist and post-communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe during 1949-1994.

HU OSA 300-40 Hungarian Unit, 1949-1995
This was a unit within the research institute, and it collected all kinds of information on Hungary, related to political, economical, social, cultural, religious, military and social issues. The subfonds contains the collected information, organized into series according to content.

HU OSA 300-40-5 Biographical Files, 1951-1993
The materials include press clippings and media monitoring summaries, as well as excerpts from monographs about Wallenberg first published in the West and made available in Hungarian translation only in the 1980's. The files are in Hungarian, English, German, and French. Extent: 2 archival boxes (0.18 linear meters), scanned documents:

HU OSA 300-80 Soviet Red Archives, 1953-1994
The unit bearing this name was established in 1953 in order to assemble data from Soviet media -- mainly from the press, but also transcripts and summaries from monitoring of the Soviet radio and television as well as news agency releases.

HU OSA 300-80-8 Non-USSR Biographical Files, 1954-1994
The documents, primarily in English and Russian, consist of newspaper clippings and wire-service dispatches, monitoring materials and RFE/RL research papers. Of particular interest is a Russian-language translation of a Swedish Foreign Ministry Press Department press release dated July 2, 1964 regarding Wallenberg, promulgated during Nikita Khrushchev's visit to Sweden.

HU OSA 300-85 Samizdat Archives, 1956-1994
The core of this subfonds is the collection of Samizdat documents created in the former Soviet Union, usually for underground circulation, and smuggled abroad for publication in Western mass media. Those Samizdat documents which were collected by the Radios reflected political, social and economic developments in the country.

HU OSA 300-85-13 Biographical Files, 1968-1993
The documents, primarily in Russian, consist of newspaper clippings gleaned from the Soviet, Russian emigre, and Western press, news agency releases, monitoring materials, RFE/RL research papers, and copies of Samizdat documents, as well as photocopies of Soviet archival documents made available to Radio Liberty. 1982-1991.

HU OSA 300-5 Analytic Research Department, 1951-1995
This subfonds contains the reference files created by the different analysists working for the Radios and kept separately from the central files.

HU OSA 300-5-130 Subject Files of Riina Kionka, 1953-1993
The files created by this analyst contain newspaper clippings and other information related to the Baltic Soviet republics, particularly Estonia.

HU OSA 300-120 Library: Western Press Archives, 1949-1994
This subfonds contains clippings mainly from Western press sources on
some 200 000 personalities from all over the world, and on subjects
relating to the five East European target countries.

HU OSA 300-120-7 Biographical Files: Abel - Yeltsin, 1952-1994
This series consists of clippings from Western and East European press
on politicians, militaries, artists, journalists, writers, poets,
philosophers, musicians, composers and other public or publicly known



Raoul Wallenberg, Life and Work

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  • The Wallenberg mission
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