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TITLE:             Rumanian Regime's Guarantee for Nagy's Security Revealed
DATE:              1958-6-26
COUNTRY:           Hungary
THEMATIC SUBJECTS: Hungary--1956-1965, Hungary--1956 Revolution, Hungary--Foreign Relations--Romania

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News Background


MUNICH, June 26, (CNR/RTJM. EVAL.) -- The late Rumanian Foreign
Minister, Grigore Preoteasa (died in a plane crash near MOSCOW
on 4 November 1957), told the UN plenary session of 3 December
1956 that the granting of political asylum in Rumania to Imre
Nagy and his group had become necessary for the personal
security of the former Hungarian Prime Minister and his friends,
as well as for the easing of tension in Hungary. Preoteasa also
revealed that the Rumanian Government had pledged that the
sojourn in Rumania of the Hungarian leaders would conform to
all laws of hospitality and that all necessary measures would
be taken for the safety of Nagy and his associates. Moreover,
the Rumanian Government, Preoteasa said, had given assurance
that it would respect the international regulations provided
by political asylum. Preoteasa finally told the Assembly
that the attitude of Nagy and his associates was marked by
a spirit of understanding and cheerfulness, which, according
to the Rumanian Foreign Minister was contrasted to rumors
spread by a "certain delegation to the UN."

It may be noted that the statement of Preoteasa did not reflect
only a personal stand of a high Rumanian regime official but
implied a solemn guarantee for the protection of Imre Nagy and his
group by the Rumanian Government, certified by a corresponding
communication made to the United Nations organization.

Note also the contrast to the stand taken toward the Nagy trial
by Politburo member Gheorghe APOSTOL in his speech of 19 June
1958, and the articles on the Nagy trial carried by "Scinteia"
of June 20 and "Romania Libera" of 24 June 1958.

It is rather surprising that the Yugoslav regime has not yet
taken issue with Preoteasa s statement, in its polemic on the
abduction and trial of the former Hungarian Prime Minister.

Following is the official text of the part of Preoteasa's
speech to the UN, as reproduced in "Scinteia" of 6 December 1956:

....Finally, the problem of political asylum granted to Imre
Nagy, former president of the Hungarian Council of Ministers,
was brought up. In connection with this problem, I would like
to specify that the granting of political asylum in the RPR
proved to be a measure necessary both to the personal security
of the former Hungarian president of the council and his friends

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as well as to the restoration of peace and order in Hungary. It
is obvious that the security of the Nagy group was threatened in
Hungary from two directions: from the parents and friends of
the victims of the counter-revolutionary terror during the
former government as well as from the direction of the fascist
elements capable of committing any crime in order to complicate
the situation of the government led by Premier KADAR. Taking
into consideration the wish of the group to go to a socialist
country, and wishing to secure its safety, the Hungarian
Government addressed the Rumanian Government which consented to grant
political asylum to this group. On this occasion, the Rumanian
Government gave assurances that the stay in Rumania of the group
will be in conformity with all rules of hospitality and that all
adequate measures will be taken in order to guarantee the personal
safety of former Premier Nagy and his friends. Also, the Rumanian
Government gave assurances that it would take into consideration
the international rules concerning political asylum. Nagy's stay
in Rumania is temporary. Under these conditions, former Premier
Imre Nagy and his group are on Rumanian territory since November
23, enjoying there all the rights provided by political asylum.

I am in a position to affirm that the persons concerned are
grateful to the Rumanian Government for .the hospitality offered
them. They realize the evil which their presence in Hungary
could have caused at the present moment. I can also communicate
to the General Assembly that the attitude of Imre Nagy and of
the persons in his group .is marked by a spirit of understanding
and good will, which is in flagrant contradiction to the rumors
which a certain delegation is trying to spread here. Accepting
this measure , the Rumanian Government was chiefly guided by the
interest to restoring, as soon as possible, order, peace and
calm in Hungary.


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