Visions after the Fall: Museums, Archives and Cinema in Reshaping Popular Perceptions of the Socialist Past

Program of the workshop

June 8, Thursday

1-2 pm: Registration of participants

2 pm: Opening of the workshop;
Welcome by Istvn Rv (Director, OSA Archivum)
Visions after the Fall: Introductory Remarks by Oksana Sarkisova (OSA Archivum)

Panel I
Museums1: Between Terror and 'Normalization'

2.30-3 pm: Jrn Grnewald (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany) The former KGB-Prison Potsdam-Neuer Garten and the Exhibition "From Potsdam to Workuta"

3-3.30 pm: Irina Flige (Research and Information Centre Memorial, Saint-Petersburg, Russia) The "Virtual Gulag Museum" RIC Memorial St Petersburg

3.30-4 pm: Zuzanna Bogumil (Museum of Communism Project at the Warsaw Board for City Development, Warsaw, Poland) Project of The "Socland" Museum of Communism: between the past and the future

4-5 pm: Discussion

5-5.30 pm: Coffee Break

5.30-6 pm: Virginia Ion (Civic Academy Foundation, Bucharest, Romania) The Sighet Memorial in Romania

6-6.30 pm: Gabriela Cristea (Peasant Museum, Bucharest, Romania) and Simina Radu-Bucurenci (CEU, Budapest, Hungary) Exhibiting Communism in Romania: Getting Closer by Creating Distance

6.30-7 pm: Discussion

Screening of The Great Communist Bank Robbery (director: Alexandru Solomon, 2004, 75')

June 9, Friday

Panel II
Museums 2: New Narratives

9.30-10 am: Istvn Rv (OSA, Budapest, Hungary) Stain. Exhibiting Victims

10-10.30 am: Tjebbe van Tijen (Imaginary Museum Projects, Amstedam, The Netherlands) and Anna Balint (freelance curator, Budapest, Hungary) Revenge - Solidarity - Heroism: Hungary 2006-1956 a Kaleidoscopic View

10.30-11 am: Nikolai Vukov (Institute of Folklore, Sofia, Bulgaria) The Unmemorable and the Unforgettable: Museum Visualizations in post-1989 Bulgaria

11-11.30 am: Discussion

11.30-12 am: Coffee Break

12-12.30 pm: Piotr Jakubowski (History Meeting House and KARTA Center, Warsaw, Poland) History Meeting House - Witnesses and Testimonies of the XX Century

12.30-1 pm: Rebecca Gould (Columbia University, New York City, US) Remembering and Forgetting Genocide: The Difference Made by State Representations of the Soviet Deportations

1-1.30 pm: Marko Stamenkovic (freelance curator, Belgrade, Serbia) Does Post-Socialism Need Museums Anymore?

1.30-2 pm: Discussion

2-3 pm: Lunch (served at OSA)

Panel III Part 1
Archives and Displays: Hot and Cold War

3-3.30 pm: Roman Krakovsky (University of Paris 1 Pantheon - Sorbonne, Paris, France) The Representation of the Cold War: The Peace and War Camps in Czechoslovakia 1948-1960.

3.30-4 pm: Vsevolod Bashkuev (Buryat State University, Ulan-Ude, Russia) A Neverending Story: Politics, Primary Sources, and Reconstruction of Historical Justice in the Contemporary Relations Between Russia and the Baltic States

4-4.30 pm: Galina Orlova (Rostov-on-Don State University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia) 'Ugly Motherland": Visual Strategies for Deconstructing the Official Soviet Discourse in the late 1980s

4.30-5 pm: Nevena Dakovic (University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia) Out from the Past: Yugoslavia in Fiction and Non-fiction Cinema

5-5.30 pm: Discussion

Visit to Artpool Foundation and Archive (preregistration required, 10 people maximum)

Screening of Life of an Agent (Director: Gbor Zsigmond Papp, Hungary, 2004, 82')

June 10, Saturday

Panel IV.
Cinema I: Archival Materials in Cinema

10-10.30 am: Daniel Rafaelic (National Film Archive, Zagreb, Croatia) Croatian History in the Films Made in Croatia during the Second World War (1941-1945)

10.30-11 am: Balzs Varga (National Film Archive, Budapest, Hungary) Undressing the Naked Truth: Politics and Pornography, Private/Public Lives in Kdrs Kiss by Pter Forgcs

11-11.30 am: Discussion

11.30-12 am: Barbara Wurm (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany) Dance Floors of Liberation Waltzes: Post-Communist Perspectives on the Shaping of an Imaginary Neutral Center of Cold War Europe (Austria in Soviet Newsreel and Documentaries)

12-12.30 pm: Araceli Rodrguez Mateos (University King Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain) The Vision of the Socialist Past Eastern Europe through the Newsreels in the Non-communist Area: the Spanish Newsreel NO-DO.

12.30-1 pm: Discussion

1-2.30 pm: Lunch

Panel III. Part 2
Archives and Displays: Public Life of Secret Police

2.30-3 pm: Renata Uitz (CEU, Budapest, Hungary) Communist Secret Services on the Screen: The Adventures of the Duna-gate Scandal in Hungarian Media

3-3.30 pm: Pter Fuchs (Artpool, Budapest, Hungary) The Mysterious Events around the Balatonboglr Chapel Studio from 1970 to 1974, in the Highlight of the Secret Police Reports and the Contemporary Mass Media Perception

3.30-4 pm: Discussion

4-4.30 pm: Coffee Break

4.30-5 pm: Gbor Zsigmond Papp (filmmaker, Budapest, Hungary) Life of an Agent in the Making

5-5.30 pm: Alexandru Solomon (filmmaker, Bucharest, Romania) Reconstructing reality from communist archive documents: The case of the "Great Communist Bank Robbery"

5.30-6 pm: Discussion

Screening of Portrait of a Man of Power (Director Zlatina Rousseva, Bulgaria, 1991, 58')

June 11, Sunday

Panel IV.
Cinema II: New Narratives

9.30-10 am: Zlatina Rousseva (filmmaker, Belgium/Bulgaria) 'Big' and 'Small' Histories Through the 'Rules' of Filmmaking. Reflections on the Uses of Footage, Documentaries, and Archives of the Communist Time.

10-10.30 am: Alexander Yanakiev (Institute of Art Studies, Sofia, Bulgaria) The Truth? Realist Cinema: Now and Then

10.30-11 am: Catherine Portuges (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, US) The Political Camera: Comparing 1956 in Three Key Moments of Hungarian Film History

11-11.30 am: Oksana Sarkisova (OSA, Budapest, Hungary) A Pale Phantom: Motive of Liberation in the Post-Soviet Cinema

11.30-12 am Discussion

12-12.30 pm: Coffee Break

12.30-2 pm: Closing round table, Comments and Feedback

June 8-11, 2006

Location: OSA Archivum, Budapest

Organized by Oksana Sarkisova in cooperation with Katalin Gdoros, Zsuzsanna Kerekes, and Jnos Ponczk

Due to space limitations, preregistration is required for workshop attendance. To register for the workshop please contact Zsuzsanna Kerekes at kerekesz@ceu.hu

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