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Annotated Filmography


Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg (Guten Abend, Herr Wallenberg)
Dir.: Kjell Grede
115 minutes, color, 1990

The historical drama recalls the story of Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg (Stellan Skarsgard) who helped Jews in Budapest, Hungary in 1944 obtain Swedish passports to get them out of Adolph Eichmann's deadly path. He saved over 60,000 people in Budapest's Jewish ghettos.


Találkozások (Wallenberg)
Dir.: János Herskó
100 minutes, color, 1990

The main character of this documentary film is Per Anger, Raoul Wallenberg's then fellow diplomat, who travels to Budapest to revisit the places that were essential to Wallenberg's rescue work: the building of the Swedish Legation in the Buda hills, the International Ghetto, the Józsefváros Railway Station, etc. While recollecting his memories, he also meets with people whose life was saved by Wallenberg's protective passports, who tell the stories of their escape; participates at the unveiling of the memorial plaque on the corner of the Wallenberg Street and visits the Wallenberg Memorial in Pasarét.

Watch a short excerpt in which Anger recalls the arrival of Wallenberg in Budapest on July 9, 1944. (In Swedish with Hungarian subtitles)


A halottak jó emberek. Egy törvényszéki orvos visszaemlékezései (Dead people are good people. The memoirs of a forensic pathologist)
Dir.: János Fuzik
55 minutes, color, 1994

This documentary film is about Dr. Lóránd Tamáska, a forensic pathologist from Budapest, once called the Paganini of the dissector, who gives an account of the darkest events of past fifty years. Though the film itself is not directly related to Wallenberg, Tamáska makes a statement on the circumstances of his death, which corroborates the fact that the Soviets did everything in their power to suggest that Wallenberg fell victim to the shootings during the siege of Budapest.

Watch a short excerpt in which Tamáska recalls a meeting with two Hungarian editors of the Soviet military periodical Új Szó (New Word), who - among other things - falsely ascertained that he had performed an autopsy on Wallenberg in 1945. (In Hungarian)