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Ferenc Bárdy: The Everyday Life of a Socialist Company


Ferenc Bárdy: The Everyday Life of a Socialist Company
Category: Goldberger House | April 9, 2015 | 2153 views | Duration: 0:13:04

Working in Goldberger House between 1949 and 1979, Mr. Bárdy spent almost his entire professional career in the headquarters of the state company called RÖVIKÖT, and later for CENTRIKÖT, the successors of the nationalized Goldberger. In the interview he talks in detail about the operations that took place in the building, the lives of the employees, and how the socialist-textile commerce developed. His anecdotes include a gun found in the dropped ceiling and regular body searches at the gate.

Producer: OSA Archivum
Director: Zoltán Krizbai, Iván Székely
Reporter: Judit Izinger
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Year: 2012

Keywords: goldberger


Rating: 2.7 (326 Votes)


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