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13/05/2014 | Duration: 1:10:52

The Object


The Object
Category: Full Films | May 7, 2014 | 2441 views | Duration: 1:08:08

A film about the mass protests against the Bős-Nagymaros Dam; the gradual transformation of some of the most beautiful regions of the Danube landscape; the protest of archeologists on the sites planned to be flooded; interview with Prof. Béla Lipták who talks about his arguments against the construction of the dam. Appendix: Hunger strike. Opposition hunger strikers protesting against the Ministry of Interior Affairs denying to issue them a passport.

Producer: Black Box
Editor: Ádám Csillag, András Dér, Márta Elbert, István Jávor, András Lányi, László Pesty
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Year: 1988

Keywords: black box


Rating: 2.6 (316 Votes)


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