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Law and Disorder: Wikileaks and the Future of Information Freedom


Law and Disorder: Wikileaks and the Future of Information Freedom
Category: Events | March 29, 2011 | 2902 views | Duration: 1:43:11

David McCraw,Vice President and Assistant General Counsel of The New York Times Company, delivered a lecture on the collaboration between Wikileaks and mainstream publishers like The New York Times. He discussed how The Times dealt with the legal and journalistic uncertainties that the paper faced when it received the Wikileaks documents and where US law and journalism are headed in the wake of the Wikileaks revolution. OSA Director István Rév and Chief Archivist Csaba Szilagyi introduced the OSA Leaks project in conjunction with the lecture.

Program type: Event
Producer: CEU
Country: Hungary
Language: English
Production Year: 02/16/2011

Keywords: wikileaks


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