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Chemical weapons
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Chemical weapons Poisonous substances have been used in hunting and warfare since prehistoric times. This was no different in the twentieth century, either: people took advantage of the advances in o...
Civil defense exercise in the district
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Civil defense exercise in the district The Soviet people has been busy building a peaceful future, knowing that friendship between the nations is the best guarantee for peaceful coexistence. However,...
Modern warfare and defense
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Modern warfare and defense One glance at the casualty figures of the Second World War makes it apparent that war poses a greater threat to mankind than any environmental catastrophe. Advances in weap...
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Revelation In addition to the awesome destruction that comes in the wake of a nuclear strike, factory works must be prepared to face several other environmental cataclysms. This is the reason why you...
The construction of improvised shelters in cellars and underground places Peace-loving people all over the five inhabited continents have realized that the existence of nuclear, biological and chemica...
The role of civil defense in modern air defense
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
The role of civil defense in modern air defense In the initial phase of the war the soldiers headed for the front lines full of enthusiasm, but a few years later the terrible losses caused by the wor...
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