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Civil defense divisions
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Civil defense divisions The civil defense force operates in divisions made up by various special branches. It has a complex and unique structure, which lends it the capacity for rapid and effective d...
Engineering Unit! Red Alert!
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Engineering Unit! Red Alert! In case of a nuclear strike or a chemical attack, decontamination has paramount importance and should start without delay. To stage an effective defense against such an a...
Security operations for troop movement
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Security operations for troop movement In a war, whenever there is a serious risk of a nuclear strike, the civil defense forces take up their appointed positions and stand by for mobilization. Under ...
The cooperation between the civil defense special units and the self defense teams I. Preparations against nuclear, biological and chemical warfare have paramount importance in civil defense work. Su...
The operation of the antichemical defense
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
The operation of the antichemical defense Although right now we are at peace, the future possibility of a world war cannot be discounted entirely. Through a balanced foreign policy it might be avoide...
The tasks of regimental and battalion commanders in organizing and executing rescue and decontamination operations According to a hypothetical scenario, the imaginary industrial city of Gyárváros i...
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