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Food protection I. Prevention
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Food protection I. Prevention In the film, the couple doing their weekly shopping in the supermarket of Gyöngyös probably have no idea about the great many civil defense regulations that the food t...
Food protection II. Monitoring
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Food protection II. Monitoring Even assuming that the food producers did everything in their power to provide preventive protection for their products, the possibility cannot be excluded that the foo...
Preventive preparations I.
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Preventive preparations I. With professional foresight and careful preparations, a nation can defend itself against the devastating effects of nuclear weapons. We have to start laying the foundations...
Preventive preparations II.
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Preventive preparations II. Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Sportfilm Stúdió Director: Schmidt Attila Contributors: Novák László (screenplay), Nyíri Tibor, Sóvágó ...
The NBC defense of the food industry I. Prevention
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
The NBC defense of the food industry I. Prevention In an industrialized civilization, intensive production threatens our environment more than it has ever done at any point in history. Man is respons...
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