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Air defense
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Air defense The usual images of our peaceful life - people enjoying a walk on the streets in springtime or relaxing in the warmth of their homes - create a sense of security. Nevertheless, the life a...
Engineering Unit! Red Alert!
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Engineering Unit! Red Alert! In case of a nuclear strike or a chemical attack, decontamination has paramount importance and should start without delay. To stage an effective defense against such an a...
Technical rescue
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Technical rescue The technical rescue team of the civil defense force carried out a methodological exercise during the demolition of buildings in Józsefváros, in the course of which they demonstrat...
The activities of the civil defense units and teams in a nuclear catastrophe area According to a hypothetical scenario, the enemy launches a nuclear strike against a town. The civil defense forces ha...
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