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Attention! Radiation hazard! Radioactivity in agriculture
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Attention! Radiation hazard! Radioactivity in agriculture Under wartime conditions, agriculture acquires special importance. With the appearance of chemical warfare, agriculture has become a strategi...
Decontamination of persons and materials
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Decontamination of persons and materials In the event of a nuclear or chemical strike, adequate preparations can save lives. In a community where the inhabitants or the workers know exactly whose tas...
Food protection I. Prevention
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Food protection I. Prevention In the film, the couple doing their weekly shopping in the supermarket of Gyöngyös probably have no idea about the great many civil defense regulations that the food t...
Food protection II. Monitoring
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Food protection II. Monitoring Even assuming that the food producers did everything in their power to provide preventive protection for their products, the possibility cannot be excluded that the foo...
Food protection III. Decontamination
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Food protection III. Decontamination Provided we have the right equipment, it is possible to decontaminate any food product that is tainted with radioactive dust particles. The films shows the techni...
Military exercise without weapons
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
Military exercise without weapons To study the samples collected from the contaminated area, the experts use the latest measuring devices. Since the protection of agriculture forms a very important p...
The role of civil defense in modern air defense
(Paranoia - Recycling/Digital Archive)
The role of civil defense in modern air defense In the initial phase of the war the soldiers headed for the front lines full of enthusiasm, but a few years later the terrible losses caused by the wor...
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