Food protection III. Decontamination



Food protection III. Decontamination
Provided we have the right equipment, it is possible to decontaminate any food product that is tainted with radioactive dust particles. The films shows the technical apparatus of a food decontamination station, while also describing the actual stages of the decontamination process and the practical aspects of a biological rescue operation. We learn the reason why vehicle decontamination plays a crucial part in the transportation of food products.
Produced by: Belkereskedelmi Minisztérium, Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Sportfilm Stúdió
Director: Schmidt Attila
Contributors: Fóti Pál (screenplay), Tokai Gábor, Böjtös Zoltán (experts), Záriczky Gyula (sound engineer), Plávits Ferenc (producer), Domokos Attila (camera)
23 minutes
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