Food protection II. Monitoring



Food protection II. Monitoring
Even assuming that the food producers did everything in their power to provide preventive protection for their products, the possibility cannot be excluded that the food will becomes tainted by accident. In the laboratories there are numerous kinds of equipment to measure the contaminating effects of weapons of mass destruction on food. We have the means to identify, measure and monitor the contaminated areas, but we must make sure that we follow the rules of sampling and use the radiological measuring devices in the prescribed manner.
Produced by: Belkereskedelmi Minisztérium, Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Sportfilm Stúdió
Director: Schmidt Attila
Contributors: Fóti Pál (screenplay), Tokai Gábor, Böjtös Zoltán, Miskolczi László (experts), Plávits Ferenc (producer), Záriczky Gyula (sound engineer), Domokos Attila, Schnöller Geyza (camera)
22 minutes
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