Food protection I. Prevention



Food protection I. Prevention
In the film, the couple doing their weekly shopping in the supermarket of Gyöngyös probably have no idea about the great many civil defense regulations that the food they have bought must comply with. The packaging has been designed to give preventive protection, which should be guaranteed even after the removal of the original wrapping materials. For this reason, an efficient housewife will always make sure that the food is kept protected in her home, too.
Produced by: Belkereskedelmi Minisztérium, Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Sportfilm Stúdió
Director: Schmidt Attila
Contributors: Fóti Pál (screenplay), Tokaji Gábor, Böjtös Zoltán, Miskolczi László (experts), Záriczky Gyula (sound engineer), Plávits Ferenc (producer), Domokos Attila, Schnöller Geyza (camera)
18 minutes
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