The use of personal antichemical equipment



The use of personal antichemical equipment
In the First World War, personal anti-gas equipment appeared simultaneously with the introduction of chemical warfare. As a result of the lessons learned from the war, the gas mask became standard issue equipment for soldiers in every armed service. The character of rescue work also changed: the methodology of civil defense was developed in response to the new challenges posed by weapons of mass destruction. The film shows us the proper use of anti-gas respirators and also explains the purpose of other items that form part of personal protection gear.
Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Mafilm Katonai Stúdió
Director: Takács Gábor
Contributors: Tokai Gábor, Lévai Emil, Sipos József (experts), G. Tóth János (camera), Molnár László (dramaturg), Novák Gyula (sound engineer), Pataki Lajos (lights), Sárközy Endre (tricks), Buglya Sándorné (editor), Nagy István (producer), Takács Gábor (screenplay)
23 minutes
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