Chemical and nuclear reconnaissance and monitoring



Chemical and nuclear reconnaissance and monitoring
The film gives a detailed account of the tasks that the antichemical special units of the civil defense force are expected to carry out. We can learn why we are vitally dependent on their ability to provide reliable information in due time about any chemical or nuclear hazards, and also, why it is so important to conduct regular checks in the vicinity of facilities of strategic importance. Furthermore, the film shows the proper way of setting up a meteorological station and also explains the protocol for a sudden emergency.
Produced by: Mafilm Katonai Stúdió
Director: Domokos Attila
Contributors: Tokai Gábor (screenplay), Vincze László (expert), G. Tóth János (camera), Csöndes Klára (editor), Peisy Kálmán (sound engineer), Öreg György (producer)
22 minutes
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