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Once They Were Neighbours

Film screening: Once They Were Neighbours (Szomszédok voltak, 2005) | Tuesday, October 24 at 6:00 pm | Popper Room, Monument Building, CEU

once.they.were.pngGhetto, brick factory, train station, mass graves - 60 years later the neighbours of the Hungarian Jews remember. What did they do and what could have been done? What did the bystanders see and what do they believe they saw in their small town community during the last days of World War II?

Followed by a discussion with:
Zsuzsanna Gellér-Varga (Director)
Borbála Kriza (Script; Interviews)

Zsuzsanna Gellér-Varga is a documentary filmmaker based in Budapest, Hungary. She received a MA in journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley. She worked at New York Times Television as a video-journalist. Her first film, Screw Your Courage won numerous awards. She is currently working on a documentary, Synagogue for Sale.

Borbála Kriza is currently a doctoral candidate in Sociology at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. She received a master's degree at ELTE and studied at CEU. She has published on political discourse, right-wing extremism and worked on several award-winning documentaries, including Being Decorated; From Home to Home; Terminus. Currently she is working on her own documentary, Romantic Violence, on Hungarian national rock music.

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