The operation of the antichemical defense



The operation of the antichemical defense
Although right now we are at peace, the future possibility of a world war cannot be discounted entirely. Through a balanced foreign policy it might be avoided, but even so the civil defense forces must be prepared for such an eventuality even in such times. Since the greatest threat would be a nuclear strike, the civil defense units need to be able to coordinate their activities with the other special branches in order to ensure that the work of both prevention and decontamination run smoothly.
Produced by: Nehézipari Minisztérium, Mecseki Ércbányászati Vállalat Polgári Védelem Szervezete, Mafilm Katonai Stúdió
Director: -
Contributors: Tokai Gábor (screenplay), Kőhalmi Vilmos, Vincze László, Fehér László, Szabó László (experts), G. Tóth János (camera), Csöndes Attila (editor)
20 minutes
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