Modern warfare



Modern warfare
In the Cold War, the local conflicts always carried with them the risk of sparking off a new world war. In the theatrical show of the security game the leading role has always been assigned to nuclear bombs, which would have been delivered within a very short time by ballistic missiles. As a result, the civilized world is now forced to live in an environment that is more dangerous than it has ever been before. Under these circumstances there is a great need for organized defense, which should involve the whole population. This is why civil defense matters.
Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Mafilm Katonai Stúdió
Director: Glósz Róbert
Contributors: Berki Mihály (screenplay), Lesták János (consultant), Pataky Iván (expert), Nagy József (dramaturg), György Edit (editor), Szigeti Ferenc (music), Pölhössy István (sound engineer), Börcs Sándor (producer)
12 minutes
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