Modern warfare and defense



Modern warfare and defense
One glance at the casualty figures of the Second World War makes it apparent that war poses a greater threat to mankind than any environmental catastrophe. Advances in weapon technology have kept abreast of social development. These wars have always brought tremendous profits to the wealthy, while the poor have sunk deeper and deeper in poverty. Therefore, war became an indispensable part of capitalism. What dangers does this development imply for the socialist societies of the working people? After watching this detailed presentation of modern weaponry, it becomes clear that any small conflict carries within it the seeds of another world war.
Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Sportfilm Stúdió
Director: Schmidt Attila
Contributors: Berki Mihály, Domokos Attila (screenplay), Molnár Miklós, Perger Imre, Petrovich László, Schnöller Geyza (staff), Bognár Gyula (sound engineer), Tátrai László, Pethő Zsolt (tricks), Boros József (noise), Plávits Ferenc (producer)
26 minutes
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