The fire fighters of the civil defense force



The fire fighters of the civil defense force
The invention of weapons of mass destruction has added a new dimension to the twentieth-century history of warfare. The defensive forces had to face a new type of peril, the firestorm. During the exercise shown in the film, the firefighter and the civil defense units are fighting to save a burning village from the hypothetical cataclysm. In the course of the fieldwork they try to use all the available techniques, including the deployment of a helicopter, in order to extinguish the fire. In this case, too, the key to success is the combination of such factors as a high level of organization, modern technology, courage and self-sacrifice.
Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Mafilm Katonai Stúdiója
Director: Glósz Róbert
Contributors: Tokai Gábor, Csaba Gyula (experts), Öreg György (producer)
23 minutes
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