We live in communities



We live in communities
From the moment of birth, babies join the stable community of their respective families. As the years go by, they become vitally important members of larger and larger groups. They have to learn more and more rules, the written and unwritten norms of social existence, first through playing and then through learning. They play their part in the life of the community and eventually learn how to organize the work of the group. The pioneer movement is a gate, through which they can finally enter adult life.
Produced by: Országos Oktatástechnika Központ, Mafilm Népszerű-tudományos és Oktatófilm Stúdió
Director: Csajághy Béla
Contributors: Gál Erzsébet, Majzik Lászlóné, Szabóné Sallai Éva, Székely Tibor (experts), Kovács Vera (dramaturg), Láng Éva (producer), György Edit (editor), Temesvári György (camera)
16 minutes
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