The invisible death



The invisible death
The invention of neutron bombs led to the birth of a new generation of nuclear weapons. In 1980, the socialist peace camp anxiously weighed the consequences of Carter’s new doctrine, designated as No. 59, which established a new direction in US military strategy. With their fuselages invisible to radar, the Stealth bombers spread fear and anxiety unknown to the world before. This fear had an adverse effect on diplomatic relations between the Soviet member states and the West. The film explains what is meant by “delayed-action weapons.”
Produced by: Építésügyi és Városfejlesztési Minisztérium, Mafilm Híradó- és Dokumentumfilm Stúdió
Director: Lestár János
Contributors: Tokai Gábor, Bartha László, Fischer Zoltán (experts), Takács Gyula (animation), Gere Mara (dramaturg), Kátai Róbert, Zalka Sarolta, Jutasi Dezső (producer), Wechter Ernő (sound engineer), Szigeti Ferenc (music), Venczel Emőke (editor), Bakos Zsuzsa (co-editor), Drahos Kálmán (camera)
21 minutes
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