The decontamination of land and human construction



The decontamination of land and human construction
In the wake of a nuclear attack, we can expect catastrophic consequences for the environment, the most serious being the immediate radiological hazard. When the aggressors follow up such an attack with a chemical strike, they may succeed in hindering the rescue operation by shutting down the access routes. In such a scenario, the rescue workers need to open safe access routes through the contaminated area, which will also serve as escape routes for the civilian population. The film presents the work of a rescue team serving in an antichemical defense unit.
Produced by: Polgári Védelem Országos Parancsnoksága, Mafilm Katonai Stúdiója
Director: Domokos Attila
Contributors: Vincze László, Sipos József (expert), Tokai Gábor (consultant), György Edit (editor), Walker István (drawer), Simon György (camera), Öreg György (producer)
17 minutes
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