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First World War, Second World War, peaceful application of nuclear energy, peace movement, arms race, education of youth, imperialist aggression, Korean War, pioneer movement, Warsaw Pact Treaty, Vietnam War

geographical names: Álmosd, Debrecen, Dunaújváros, Sarkad, Székesfehérvár, Soviet Union, Vámospércs, Velence


nuclear weapon: nuclear bomb, nuclear strike, nuclear explosion (underground), Bikini atoll nuclear tests, electromagnetic radiation, mushroom cloud, hydrogen bomb, Hiroshima, limited nuclear war, shock wave, neutron bomb, nuclear graveyard, radioactive fallout, radioactive dust, nuclear radiation, nuclear contamination, radiation level, radiation detection, radiation detectors, decontamination, firestorm

contamination area: danger zone, damage zone, primary damage zone

biological weapon: biological warfare, epidemic, quarantine, laboratory, latency period, sampling

chemical weapon: gas mask, poison gases, personal antichemical-protection gear, protective clothing, chemical attack


NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) special services: medical services, black-out services, evacuation and refugee shelter services, engineering rescue services, air-raid service, antichemical-protection service, decontamination unit, self-defense unit, civil defense command

civil defense reconnaissance: animal and plant protection reconnaissance, reconnaissance unit, chemical reconnaissance

civil defense exercise: demonstrative exercise, sabotage, training, public information work, assembly area, tactical military exercise, training, signal flag, training coordination, prevention, mobilization, civil defense obligations, simulation, civil defense at factories

rescue, disinfection/decontamination: decontamination of animals, paramedic units, decontamination of food, first aid assistance, decontamination station, medical attention, medical aid station, decontamination of personal clothing, search and rescue of the injured, sugármentesítés, decontamination of persons, improvised field hospitals, decontamination of technical equipment, decontamination of land, firefighters, chemical decontamination, chemical decontamination techniques, decontamination of water

security, defense, prevention: camouflaging, host family, reception center for evacuees, traffic control, gas torch, evacuation, evacuation planning, reception of evacuees, traffic, air defense, escape route, public shelter, shelter furnishing, construction of shelters, improvised shelters, transportation, siren, natural disaster, fire prevention, railway, hazardous area

telecommunication: signal operator, radio warning, warning, air raid warning, radiation warning (radiation hazard), meteorological service, air raid

industry: switch to war production, Budapest Leather Factory, energy supply, war production plants, Miskolc Meat Factory, Szolnok Paper Factory, water supply

agriculture: food storage, rapid harvest

Based on the following source:
Civil defense dictionary. Draft. PVOP, 1972. 224 p.

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