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Propaganda Film in the 20th Century

Starting from April 2007 Galeria Centralis presents a series of the most interesting but rarely screened films of the propaganda genre at its Monday spring film show.

16 April, 2007 - Mon 18.00
"The Savage"
"Exotic cultures" of Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Celebes through the eyes of the Dutch colonialists, 1910-1921.
5 short films, 60 min
(silent w/Dutch subtitles, w/Hungarian voice-over)
introduced by: Mikl�s V�r�s, cultural anthropologist (in Hungarian)

23 April, 2007 - Mon 18.00
The USSR through the Eyes of an Avant-garde Filmmaker

Nations of Europe and Asia, nationalized industry, agriculture and trade in Vertov's lyrical photo-poem.
"One-Sixth of the World" (director: Dziga Vertov, 1926, Soviet, 56 min, silent w/Russian subtitles, w/English voice-over)
introduction by Oksana Sarkisova, audiovisual archivist, OSA Archivum (in English)

2 May, 2007 - Wed 18.00
3. The Gulag as Sanitarium

Solovki Labour Camps in 1928 and during the political transformation.
Fragments from the film "Solovki Labour Camps in 1927-1928" (director: A. Tserkasov, 1928, Soviet, w/Russian subtitles). The complete version of the documentary "Solovetsky Power" (director: Marina Goldovskaya, Soviet, 1988, 88 min)

7 May, 2007 - Mon 18.00
The Leader's Birthday

The F�hrer, the Generalissimo and R�kosi.
"Hitler's Birthday Parade" (1939, German, 21 min, w/English subtitles), "Out of Innocent Heart" (1949, Soviet, 19 min, Russian) and a Hungarian newsreel.

14 May, 2007 - Mon 18.00
From Allies to Enemies

The Soviet Union in American military educational films during WW II and the Cold War.
"Why We Fight? Battle of Russia" (director: Frank Capra, 1943, USA, 83 min, English)
"Red Nightmare" (1962, USA, 25 min, English)
introduction by Istv�n R�v, Professor of History, Central European University (in Hungarian)

21 May, 2007 - Mon 18.00
The Specter of Communism

"The Salt of the Earth" is the only American film that was blacklisted. The director, Herbert Biberman, was blacklisted and accused of "un-American activities." The film was released in 2000. ("The Salt of the Earth," USA, 1954, 94 min, English)

Admission free

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