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Budapest 9th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival


6-11 November, 2012, Budapest 9th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Toldi Cinema, Művész Cinema, Cirko-Gejzír Cinema, OSA Archivum, Odeon Underground, Toldi Klub
FILMS ABOUT Ukrainian child laborers; Swedish transsexuals; Chilean political prisoners; Italian homeless;
Paraguayan LGBTQ; Russian anarchist artists; Zambian polygamists; Hungarian prisoners
AND meetings with filmmakers and producers, round table discussions, public pitching forum, late night concerts
The International Panorama contains a selection of the best contemporary creative documentaries from all over the world, including films shown at Cannes, Venice Film Festival, Cinema de Réel, DOK Leipzig, Tribeca, One World Prague and other prominent film festivals. Hungarian Panorama presents seven recent releases. Thematic programs this year are Eyes on Russia and Moving Masses section which looks at mass demonstrations from Egypt to Paris. Festival Crossroads guest is One World Romania.
Festival passes: 4000 HUF till 6 November; 4500 HUF from 7 November
Passes can be purchased in Toldi Cinema and Művész Cinema ticket offices.
Tickets: 790 – 850 HUF
See, think, talk!
Verzio. It's your business!

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