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"Who Can Erase the Traces?"


A panel discussion on the role of archives in the protection and promotion of human rights

"Who Can Erase the Traces?" The Role of Archives in the Promotion of Human Rights

Presented by the CEU Summer University course  Policies and Practices in Access to Digital Archives: Towards a New Research and Policy Agenda

This panel discussion brings together archivists and other practitioners to consider the role and responsibilities of human rights archives in preserving historical memory, pursuing justice and facilitating reconciliation and historical dialog in post-conflict societies. Speakers will share personal experiences and best practices drawn from their work with human rights documents and archives.


Gabrijela Gavran, War Crimes Database Manager, Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Zagreb
Gabriella Ivacs, Chief Archivist, Open Society Archives, Budapest
Nikola Mokrovic, Archivist, Documenta, Zagreb
Alice Nemcova, Senior Documentation and Information Assistant, OSCE, Prague
Stana Tadic Pantic, Chief Archivist, Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade

Csaba Szilagyi (Moderator), Head of the Human Rights Program, Open Society Archives, Budapest

Date and time: July 5, 2012, 5:30 – 7:00 pm
Location: Popper Room, CEU, Nador u. 9.

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