Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many applications can I submit at a time? – You can submit only one application at a time.
  2. If my application has been rejected can I submit it again? – No, but you can submit a different one.
  3. How many times can I apply? – You can apply any number of times until your application is selected.
  4. Can I apply for the Visegrad Scholarship at OSA grant if I have already been a grantee in a different Visegrad grant category? – Yes, you can.
  5. Is there a reserve list? – Yes, there is a reserve list. Those who were qualified for it will automatically be considered in the next two rounds of application.
  6. Will I get notification about rejection? – Yes. You will get e-mail notification. However, the names of the successful candidates will be posted on the OSA web site.
  7. Can I find out about the details of my evaluation? – Yes, you can. You can submit a request to the Grants Administrator, who will send you your evaluation scores and notes.
  8. If I am not from a V4 country does it matter which part of the world I come from? – No, it does not.
  9. Can it happen that I ask for a two month scholarship and I’m offered one for a shorter period? – Yes, this can happen. You will receive the offer in an e-mail and then you will have five days to accept it or turn it down. Failure to reply within five days is considered a rejected offer.
  10. Can I submit applications in two categories at the same time? - No, you cannot.  You can only submit one application at a time. If you do not receive support, you can submit a new application. If you receive support you cannot submit an other application in any category in the year following the end of your grant.
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