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Two Constitutions (1989 – 2011) Continuity and Discontinuity

Successful constitution-making takes place at pivotal moments in the lives of societies and nations, when an experience is shared by the whole society. The constitution of 1989, which introduced the rule of law in Hungary, is one such constitution. The constitution of the revolutionary regime change which set public law, social life and even the economy on the path to democracy is worth protecting.

Through Constitutional Court rulings – primarily those of the first Constitutional Court – and legal practice, the skeleton of that constitution has developed into a living legal system over the years. We must make sure that this Constitution is preserved and that it continues to provide a frame of our lives in the future.. Should it now be ruined, we will have to rebuild it.   

The topics and presenters at the conference on March 21, 2011:

1. Birth of a New State?

László Majtényi, Gábor Attila Tóth, Zoltán Miklósi

2. Who Exercises Power and How?

Zoltán Fleck, András Hanák, Zsolt Körtvélyesi

3.Where Does the State End?

János Kis, Péter Sólyom, Balázs Majtényi

Moderators: László Majtényi and Máté Dániel Szabó

Eötvös Károly Institute cordially invites you to the conference, which will take place in OSA Archives, Budapest 1051, Arany János u. 32.


Please, note the language of the conference is HUNGARIAN.

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