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Open Festival

Place: Gödör Klub
Time and Date: September 1, Wednesday, 6 pm.
Free entry.

After China, Spain, Germany, France, Slovenia and Italy, this year Hungary will host the international conference, a major worldwide informatics event. This event draws the attention of the whole world as free software, used by hundreds of millions, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.
To celebrate the anniversary, the free software community is organizing a free festival. Besides all-night concerts and birthday surprises, an exceptional exhibition will explain the evolution of copyright. Furthermore, visitors can meet the celebrities of free software.

The festival program:

6 pm – 7 pm                 Opening of Copyright exhibition                        Terrace

7:30 pm – 8 pm   Jubilee                                     Aquarium

8 pm                            Bardo                                                             Terrace

9:30 pm                       Fireworks                                                        Park

10 pm                          Qualitons                                                        Aquarium   

12 pm                          Lőrinc Barabás Eklektrik                                   Aquarium 02.00 

                                   Dj: Superman and Mango                                 Coffee shop

KOPIRÁJT Exhibition

Place: Gödör Klub
Time and Date: September 1 – 8, 2010
Free entry.

Curator: Jerzy Celichowski, Open Society Institute

The Statute of Anne, the first modern copyright law, was passed by the British Parliament as long as 300 years ago. Copyright basically protects copyright holders, who, however, are often not the creators but publishers, agencies, producers and business concerns Over the past 20 years, alternatives to “all rights preserved” have emerged to try to strike a better balance between the rights of users and re-users.

At the copyright exhibition visitors will learn about the concepts of copyright, neighboring rights, their history, evolution and effects on many aspects of our lives. Exhibited items include a book scanner which visitors may operate and a 17-meter-long print showing the chronology of the evolution of copyright; modern and obsolete instruments of scanning, digitizing and copying. The 12 computer installations offer separate internet exhibitions on their own, showing the technical aspect of copyright history. Walking through the exhibition, visitors may also get an idea about copyright-related areas such as youtube, wikipedia, free use, public domain, free software and open access, as well as torrent pages and Creative Commons, and may sign the Public Domain Manifesto and the Barcelona Charter for Innovation, Creativity and Access to Knowledge.

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