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Night of the Museums

2010. June 19. from 6 p.m. till 12:30 a.m.

Srebrenica, 1995 / Autopsy of a Massacre

Galeria Centralis: Srebrenica – Exhumation.

“Then every soldier kill his prisoners; Give the word through.” (William Shakespeare: Henry V, Act IV, Scene VI)

Between July 11-18, 1995, the Bosnian Serb Army massacred over 7,000 Muslim men and boys in and around the small Eastern Bosnian town of Srebrenica, a “safe area” under UN protection. The exhibition presents military maps, site sketches and photos, aerial images produced by spy satellites, forensic reports, testimonies by survivors and excerpts from films in a reconstructed model of a mass grave, created with the tools of land art. In one of the gallery’s aisles adjacent to the main installation, documents, books and audiovisual materials from OSA’s extensive relevant collections will be displayed for consultation, and documentaries will be screened in the movie hall. Thus, visitors who wish to continue the exhumation by doing their own archival research become part of the exhibition themselves.

Warning! The documents presented here are of a disturbing nature: the exhibition is recommended only for persons above the age of 16.
Tour of the Goldberger House, guided visit to the exhibition and the research room, presentation of the Archive’s holdings pertaining to the Cold war, in particular of the Balkan collection. Tours begin on the hour and half hour, on demand in English too.

Film screenings:

Bosnia – Lost Images
Gert Corba, UK, 2003, 29’
Under the eyes of Dutchbat soldiers, queues of Muslim men and women are separated by one of General Mladic’s men – haunting images broadcast by TV stations around the world in the wake of the Srebrenica massacre. Shot by Serbian journalist Zoran Petrović-Piroćanac, who later attempted to cover up the evidence by editing out and erasing important scenes, this tape was used as evidence by the ICTY to indict perpetrators.

Operacija Srebrenica
Zoran Petrović-Piroćanac, 1995 July 12-13, 29 min
The original footage shot by Serbian journalist Zoran Petrovic-Pirocanac as broadcast on Studio B TV, Belgrade on July 14. In Hungary, this infamous footage is available only in OSA.

Screenings begin on the hour.


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