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The Hungarian Question

a-magyar-kerdes-400x349Events at OSA Archivum on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1956 revolution

October 22, 2009

OSA Archivum
1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 32.

Hedervary collection

A series of events will address the afterlife of the revolution by focusing on the documents of the UN Special Committee on the Hungarian Problem. These documents were saved from the shredder by UN employee Claire de Hedervary

During the whole day, in the exhibition hall of OSA Archivum visitors can: Browse the written documents and listen to the audio recordings of the witness testimonies given for the UN Committee in spring 1957

View excerpts from contemporary documentary films and newsreels

View the film portrait of Claire de Hedervary

Read documents, never-before-accessible, on computer terminals


University students of history and secondary school pupils discuss the documents in groups. With the participation of Claire de Hedervary and Mihály Zichy from the National Széchényi Library.



András Nagy interviews Per Bang-Jensen, son of the Danish diplomat to the UN, who died under suspicious circumstances in 1959. Excerpts from films on the afterlife of 1956.


Alinda Veiszer
talks with János Horváth and Pál Márer, witnesses of the Committee, and with Claire de Hedervary and historian András Mink. The discussion is illustrated with contemporary audio recordings and films. Tamás Fodor reads excerpts of archival documents and press articles of the Ministry of Interior and the UN.


The audio recording of the testimony given by György Heltai is played. Introduction by János Kenedi.

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