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The Hungarian Question

OSA Archivum invites experts on the history of the recent past, as well as the public at large to an unconventional program on October 22, 2009. During the day, the work and archival legacy of the UN Special Committee on the Problem of Hungary investigating the 1956 revolution will be presented from a variety of aspects. The tragic fate of Danish diplomat Povl Bang Jensen, just like Claire de Hedervary’s struggle to save and preserve the UN documents are closely linked to the history of the Committee. In the past few years, OSA has participated in the processing and digitization of the UN's most important collection of documents on 1956. The Hedervary Collection, currently held in the Manuscript Collection of the National Széchenyi Library, was donated by Ms. Hedervary to the institution in 1999. The OSA Archivum holds a digital copy of the whole collection, including the audio material. More information

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