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The Book Cube

cubeOSA inherited approximately 100,000 books from the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Library. The collection consisted of books from the Cold War period mostly on politics and the history of economics. The books which were considered to be important either from professional or historical point of view have been cataloged by the libraries of the Central European University and OSA Archivum. In summer 2007 significant part of the collection was made available to/for the public and anyone who was interested could take them. The rest of the collection, approx. 20,000 books which visitors found completely uninteresting, has been used for artistic projects. The book cube is one of the projects.

20 cubes have been made, all of them seem to be solid/standardized by form but they are different by content (it very much depends on the built-in books). The cubes will be exhibited on 20 different cultural, academic or scholarly premises.

The book cube is a public space object made of polyester resin and paper (book). The books have been arranged in an extremely stable cube structure using superimposition as a method. This object has been filled with plexiglass. Each and every side of the cube has different visual and contextual effect, depending on the joint of the books. It weighs almost 60 kg, so it is exceptionally stable, almost immovable.

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