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The Personal Papers of István György Tóth are open for research

ferencesrendi-kolostorOSA Archivum opens the personal papers of István György Tóth (1956-2005), a former professor of history at the Central European University. The records contain manuscripts, correspondence, copies of primary archival sources, teaching material, reprints, periodicals and books, as well as photographs, a few videocassettes, microfilms, and electronic records documenting his manifold career as historian, researcher, educator, author and editor.

Known by many only as TIGY, Tóth was an expert in the history of civilization and society of early modern Hungary. His main topics of research included the missionary activity of the Vatican in Hungary, the literacy of peasantry and nobility, libraries of the nobility, 17th-18th century schools, as well as estate and urban history. Due to his profound knowledge of various languages, he was able to explore sources in numerous domestic and foreign archives, which resulted in the publication of several sourcebooks. Some of these archival sources are now available in OSA's newly developed online archives called the Parallel Archive. Digital documents uploaded to this platform are available for research with full description and metadata, they can be downloaded and given further keywords and tags for better search options. The documents are provided with permanent URL addresses and thus can be easily referenced in scientific works.

The description and catalogs of TIGY's papers are available here:

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