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Night of Museums

89 reloaded - in other words:
"It is the least demanding that are worried” (Political Committee, 1989)

2009 20 June, 18:00-24:00 p.m.

Location: OSA Archívum at CEU, Arany János utca 32. Budapest 1051

Tours: We will introduce one of the largest collections of Cold War documents and take you round the Goldberger building. Tours start at 6pm and continue until midnight, on the hour and half-hour – in English according to request.

"it is with intelligence that socialism is to be protected!" (Borbély Sándor, Commander in Chief of the Worker's Militia, 1989)
Non-stop screening of Worker's Militia films from 1989: propaganda films as well as friendly home-movies.

Samizdat workshop: An illegal printing press in the Gallery! Screen-print your own 1989 data collection book-jacket, or print a samizdat on your own t-shirt!

The Freedom-of-Press House: How can we make Táncsics Mihály’s prison in the Buda Castle into a Freedom-of-Press house? Plan for a new institute: exhibition in the Gallery.

Reading Tents: Contemporary everyday documents and press releases on the regime change.

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