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“Our Party is a good Party...”

The Political Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party on the revolution and the reburial of Imre Nagy in 1989.

OSA Archivum, 16 June 2009, 7pm. to 10pm.

In the tradition that it established with the exhibitions on 4th November 2006 and on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Imre Nagy’s execution, OSA Archives commemorates 1956 by presenting unique sound documents on 16th June 2009.

Based on its cooperation agreement with the Hungarian National Archives concerning the 20th anniversary of the regime change, OSA digitized the sound recordings of the 1989 sessions of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party’s Political Committee. On 16th June OSA will present excerpts from the recordings in which committee members re-evaluate the past, 1956, and discuss the rehabilitation of victims, and the reburial of Imre Nagy and his associates.

The three-hour-long recording will be made public for the first time 20 years after the speeches were delivered. The monologues of Károly Grósz, Imre Pozsgay, Rezső Nyers, Miklós Németh and Mátyás Szűrös and several others, ranging from the pensive to the prevaricating or to demands for a calling to account, are interrupted by passionate interjections and disputes. Hearing them, the visitor can feel that she or he is part of the process, fed by secrets, untold crimes and self-justificatory lies, that led the top Party leadership from the “counter revolution” memorial on Köztársaság tér to the catafalque on Heroes’ Square.

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