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Judaica Wallenbergiana Collection at OSA

Open Society Archives has been collecting materials on Jewish history, some of it dating back to the early 1930s.

The Judaica-related textual and audiovisual records holdings have grown slowly but steadily since 1996. Following the first acquisition of the records of the RFE/RL Research Institute (HU OSA 300) OSA established a virtual Judaica collection.

The collection supports the research needs of the faculty and students of CEU and those of the broader academic community.

The social, religious, and cultural lives of the Jews are represented in the multiple subject files, biographical files and mainly in the information reports or “items” (HU OSA 300-1-2) relating to the five target countries of the RFE/RL.

Most of the Judaica files (Religion: Jews, or Minority: Jews, etc.) cover the period from 1951 until 1989. However, there are important files (Anti-Semitism, Emigration, Jews in Germany, USA ,USSR, Zionism ) in the post-1989 records series (mainly Samizdat) as well.

The holdings of the OSA, both archival and library enable comparative research par excellence, since these holdings include records pertaining to all of the East European countries.

See also: Raoul Wallenberg Reference Information Paper

Compiled by Pavol Salamon, July 2006
revised February 2007.


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