The Divide | June 15 - August 29

Visitors' book

Compiled on August 29, 2004 by Csaba Szilagyi.
Note: entries translated from Hungarian are marked with (T).

  • "Good idea, interesting layout, without the more profound context." (T)
  • "I have no idea what are you trying to communicate with this exhibition; it's not art, it's not aesthetic and certainly is not clever. One thing is for sure: HYPOCRITE! I wonder where were people like those in charge of this 'fiasco-like-righteousness' in your country in 1944?"
  • "Dear OSA, I would like to see similarly interesting pictures from other parts of the world, too, okay? What about the wall between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Pakistan and India/Kashmir, around Moroccan enclaves (Melilla, Ceuta) in Spain, as well as the walls dividing Cyprus and Belfast. What about them, when are you planning an 'exhibit' about them, of course only if it is 'objective' and 'balanced'... Well, there's deep silence about them, while it is perfectly 'kosher' to speak about the Israeli wall..." (T)
  • "Euphemistically speaking, the exhibit is biased. While on one side we see people suffering in the shadow of arms or of the wall, on the other side we are shown only construction workers building the fence and soldiers. Not a single face, not a single picture of the attacks which made the construction of this defense system necessary. It is very easy to be humanitarian from peaceful and cozy Europe, the situation on the spot is totally different..." (T)
  • "You have gone through the exhibit superficially. For there are pictures of the horrors and of victims of the terror attacks, too!" (T)
  • "There's no fence that equals one human life! This fence is meant to save lives! Under the guise of correctness and objectivity, this exhibit makes an incorrect and false case for the security fence. Such an exhibit does more harm..." (T)
  • "Israel is the Third Reich for the Arabs. Mr. Sharon = Fascist. I don't think that the fence can solve the conflict in the Middle East. This is vain hope for the Jews." (T)
  • "Thank U very much for the long-awaited objectivity!"
  • "Thanks for the photo-exhibit. We only hope that it helps those longing for peace from both peoples." (T)
  • "Wonderful, well-balanced exhibit. Very informative and touching!"
  • "In the long run, not even the Great Wall of China has fulfilled its mission - albeit that was really meant for defense purposes! The exhibit is professional, but it should be more widely shown, not only within these walls." (T)
  • "Excellent and thought-provoking exhibit. If it helps the audience realize that there are suffering people longing for peace and a normal life on both sides, it has achieved its goal." (T)
  • "Too bad that all the captions are in English, so people who don't speak the language shouldn't even bother to come in. I'm not sure if I will ever come back here. I am not that kind of 'tricolor (red-white-green) person', I only like to gather information in my mother tongue." (T)
  • "Thank you for that amazing work. You have actually demonstrated a lot of what this racist wall is doing in the Occupied Territories of Palestine. I've been suffering from this wall in my daily life, and it means so much to me to know that there are people in another part of the world who do something to end this oppression. Thank you, and all my respect to you. Peace."
  • "From all points of view, this exhibit is way below anything I have previously seen in the Galeria Centralis. The fact that all the texts are only in English is, call me paranoid, intentional..." (T)
  • "The exhibit does not reveal why there is terror and why the wall is being erected. The wall is a consequence of terror. Terror has its roots in racism." (T)
  • "Thank you for the time and effort represented by this so painful exhibit. I sometimes think Israel has forgotten how Jews were treated in 1936-45, else they should not do the same to Palestinians."
  • "This is an insightful and timely exhibit that calls the viewers' attention to the complexities of such a divide, and the hypocrisy involved in the name of "Security". I would love to see this online or in a book form; it is so much that it requires multiple visits to fully absorb."
  • "Thank you. All sides got me angry. As an American Jew who works on human rights without color, creed, religion... links with a Muslim family... who has written project proposals for Palestinian causes and fought with my grandmother to explain that Israel is a country and you can be against the actions of a country's government without being anti-Semitic... I am disgusted, disturbed and informed by all I saw. THIS IS NEEDED. PLEASE HAVE THIS TRAVEL."
  • "It is an impressive work that gives a good idea about the suffering of both two peoples from this separation wall. But we learn from history that walls don't bring security and peace. Mutual understanding and respect and giving rights to the Palestinian people will only bring peace. Thank you."
  • "The wall is not nice, but it is an effective measure against the killings. It should be dismantled sometime, but first the terror that caused its erection should disappear. (This is simply a matter of due course.) Peace for everybody! Imagine..." (T)
  • "An extraordinarily balanced tribute to an horrendous form of separation/alienation among humans. May it contribute to greater awareness and, hopefully, a creative solution in then 21st century."
  • "You have a wonderful exhibition here. Not only because of the pictures and films, but mainly due to the complete, well-balanced research that this must have involved. Congratulations! If there is, by chance, the opportunity of having further contact with you about this project and the subject of research specifically, I would be very thankful. I'm a Mexican student of International Relations and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is my favorite area of interest. Contact between you and my faculty back home would be great. Congratulations once again!"