Reference Information Paper 3


The Roma (Gypsies)


HU OSA 205 Records of the
Open Media Research Institute


Records of Analyst Dan Ionescu: Subject Files


          Ethnic minorities: Gypsies, 1990-1997, 0.37 lm


Bulgarian Subject Files


          Social Issues: Minorities: Gypsies, 1952-1996 0.10 lm


Polish Subject Files


          Minorities: Gypsies, 1993-1994, 100 pages


Romanian Subject Files


          Social Issues: Minorities: Gypsies, 1977-1996, 0.20 lm


Former Soviet Union Archives: Subject Files


          Social Issues: Ethnic Groups: Gypsies, 1995, 0.03 lm


HU OSA 300 Records of RFE/RL Research Institute

HU OSA 300-30 Czechoslovak Unit

HU OSA 300-30-7 Old Code Subject Files


The materials consist of newspaper clippings, Czech and Slovak radio monitoring materials, research papers, samples of Czechoslovak Situation Reports and RFE/RL Background Reports. Files are primarily in Czech, Slovak, German, and English.


          1108 Ethnic Minorities: Gypsies, 1972-1984, 0.25 lm


HU OSA 300-30-15 Collection of Documents Relating to the Czechoslovak Opposition and Protest Movement


          Original hand-written protest against the 1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, signed by the Czechoslovak Union of Gypsies, 1968, 1 page


HU OSA 300-40 Hungarian Unit

HU OSA 300-40-1 Subject Files


          Cigányok [Gypsies], 1954-1990, 0.50 lm


HU OSA 300-40-4 Information Items


          813.01 Ethnic Minorities: Gypsies in Hungary, 1954-1966, 0.03 lm


Additional information on the Roma can be also found in the Hungarian Biographical Files, which contain several entries on prominent Roma intellectuals and artists. These files are primarily in Hungarian.


HU OSA 300-50 Polish Unit

HU OSA 300-50-1 Subject Files


The documents include press clippings, news agency releases and reports, and research papers. Of note are the reports on Polish-Roma clashes in the town of Mława in 1991. Files are primarily in Polish and English.


          117 Minorities, 1951-1993, 0.44 lm

          811 Population: Demography, 1951-1993, 0.37 lm

          822 Gypsies, 1953-1961, 100 pages


HU OSA 300-60 Romanian Unit

HU OSA 300-60-1 Subject Files


          815 Culture: Minorities: Gypsies, 1988-1989, 0.03 lm


HU OSA 300-80 Soviet Red Archives

HU OSA 300-80-1 All-Union General Files


The documents consist of newspaper clippings, news agency releases and excerpts of Radio Liberty Research Reports. They are primarily in Russian and English.


          Gypsies, 1977-1993, 25 pages


HU OSA 300-85 Samizdat Archives

HU OSA 300-85-12 Subject Files


This file contains newspaper clippings, primarily in Russian, taken from the Soviet, Russian émigré, and Western press, news agency releases, monitoring materials, Radio Liberty research papers.


          : [Nationalities: Gypsies], 1986-1990, 30 pages


HU OSA 315 Collection of Dragoljub Acković Relating to Roma Issues


          1994-1997, 0.04 lm


HU OSA 316 Records of the European Roma Rights Center


          1996-1999, 0.75 lm


The files consist of ERRC publications: annual reports, country reports and case studies.


HU OSA 317 Collection of Miklós Kun Relating to 20th Century History


          The Gypsy Holocaust, documentary film, 1 hour