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martial arts
It was in Wolin in 1994 that the festival of the so-called "Jomsvikings" was organized for the first time, but it soon became an international parade of East-Central-European associations and tournament clubs dealing with 6th-12th-century military tournaments. In 2006 the twelfth festival which took place in Poland. These festivals focus on the authentic Viking, Varangian, Slavic (and in the meantime, also Avar and Hungarian) warfare, hand-to-hand fighting, reconstruction and presentation of weapons, and evoking a real military event in a spectacular role-playing manner. A permanent part of the martial games is hammer throwing, beer-drinking competition, and pole throwing, but beside the physical challenges visitors to the lifestyle camp can get acquainted with the "everyday life" of Vikings, Swedes, Norwegians, Poles, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, and Hungarians, learn the basics of runic writing, or dance to pagan horn music.
Official homepage: http://www.jomsborg-vineta.com/index1.html